Sunday, February 2, 2014

Crème de la crème: JANUARY 2014

As usual my January "Crème de la crème" chart is a mix of some brand new tracks, some which were released in December in the middle of the whole year-end mayhem and some which I have completely missed out on when they were initially released during the course of the previous year and I only stumbled upon them while browsing through various end-of-the-year rankings. Here it is, my first top 20 chart in 2014. To accomodate those who were looking for a continuous mix rather than single tracks I put it all together in a soundcloud playlist available at the very bottom of this post. Enjoy!

20 (N) "Mean Streets" - Tennis

19 (N) "Turn Over" - Kartell

18 (N) "Via Piero Gobetti 15" - Tami Tamaki

17 (N) "Cours De Gym" - Cinema

16 (N) "Come Alive" - Chromeo feat. Toro Y Moi

15 (N) "Police" - Rosemary

14 (N) "Crying For No Reason" - Katy B

13 (N) "Innocence" - Electric Youth

12 (N) "Curious" - Alison Valentine

11 (N) "Keep Moving" - Jessy Lanza

10 (N) "Can't Get Enough" - Tiombe Lockhart

09 (N) "I Remember (Jim Stanton & Severino Remix)" - Alexis Penney

08 (N) "Wonderful" - Surahn

07 (N) "The Beach" - Femme En Fourrure

06 (N) "Neheb N3ch Hayati" - Medusa feat. Olof Dreijer

05 (N) "Guns & Synths" - Kelela

04 (N) "One, Two, Three" - Jolie Chérie

03 (N) "Memories" - Jaakko Eino Kalevi

02 (N) "Rebound" - Dornik

01 (N) "Blow" - Beyoncé