Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Following the very first exclusive selection prepared by Jolie Chérie's Etienne de Champfleury a few weeks ago, it is now time for the second chapter of my Perfect Party Playlist thread. I am flattered and ecstatically happy to share with you another vibrant top 10, this time kindly chosen by one of my favourite vocalists in this part of the galaxy - Shaun J. Wright.

Hercules & Love Affair's former collaborator and vocalist during their "Blue Songs" era last year, Shaun Wright is the secret weapon of the underground dance scene, the velvet voice of house, the flamboyant voguer, London College of Fashion graduate and "a banjee child who loves to twirl and dip" as he states on his Twitter. Based on his first solo effort the 2011 ultra-dark and sensual take on deep-house "Forevermore" and the upcoming instantly anthemic collaboration with
Kiddy Smile "In The End", one can only expect more fabulous sounds coming from this exceptionally talented singer. Shaun's placed somewhere between Donny Hathaway's voice and Sylvester's charisma in my music books.


EPHEMERAL NATURE (ASVOFF Winner - Grand Prix for Best Film) from Gsus Lopez on Vimeo.


1. Masters At Work "The Ha Dance (Pumpin' Dub)" - This song had such an influence on the ballroom scene and vogue femme performance of the early 90’s that it is still used in its original form, sampled and remixed many times over today. What I find most interesting is that this song may be one of the least well known and celebrated songs from the internationally respected dance act MAW yet prevails as one of the quintessential tunes of ballroom culture, which in turn, influences dance music and culture globally.

2. Basement Jaxx – "Fly Life (Xtra Mix)" – Another ballroom favorite with great cross-genre appeal and that I believe has the power to ignite any dancefloor. I just played it at the end of my set in NYC a few weeks ago and the energy it stirred was palpable. I’ve never actually heard anything like it before or since.

3. Donna Summer – "I Feel Love" – Soaring, ethereal vocals. Check. Swirling, pulsating instrumentation. Check. Genre-defining. Check. I don’t think the magic of this tune and its ability to change how we envisioned dance music both in the underground and mainstream can be emphasized.

4. INXS – "I Need You Tonight" – This song was my introduction to rock and roll since it wasn’t the preferred music of my upbringing and I’ve been obsessed with this tune ever since. Perfection.

5. M.I.A. – "Fire, Fire" – M.I.A has created a seriously impressive body of work and I think she is one of this era’s defining artists in terms of creativity, culture and politics. I think we’ll only fully appreciate her uniqueness in retrospect.

6. Prince – "Erotic City" – Funk, new-wave, pop rock, experimental and explicit simultaneously. Genius!

7. Deee-Lite – "River of Freedom" – For me, Lady Kier is the blueprint for modern dance music stars. The voice, the look, the unadulterated, fearless coolness and most importantly, the conscious messages. I would hope to create such wonderful, inspiring songs. “River of Freedom” is one of my favorites by Deee-Lite and that’s a hard discography to select a favorite from.

8. Sylvester – "Down, Down, Down" – What can I say about Sylvester besides that he is the Queen and that we are all lucky to have experienced his genius. This is one of his underappreciated disco tunes that I love but I actually prefer his ballads to his dance tunes. His voice is brilliant and expressive and it’s in the subtleties of the ballads that you can really hear the nuances of his voice.

9. Depeche Mode – "Master and Servant" – Classic, dark and clever. They can move a dancefloor and make you think and feel very deeply at the same time. Plus David Gahan’s voice is haunting in the best kind of way.

10. Gossip – "Standing In The Way of Control" – I was at Erol Alkan’s party at The End in London when this tune destroyed the floor and I’ve been a Gossip fan ever since.


Rare Grooves-wise it just rarely gets any juicier than this 1982 hidden gem. This was originally a B-Side to their second single "You're The Winner". Loving the Chic vibe of the track.

High Fashion - Hold on (extended) by masterb

Sunday, February 26, 2012

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "SAGE COMME UN IMAGE" - Bottin feat. Jupiter /// Original by Lio

This cult 1980's synth-pop single receives a superb re-make by the mighty Bottin, a "French touched" re-make courtesy of one my favourite Kitsuné acts - Jupiter. This new version of "Sage comme une Image" truly is a monster of a dancefloor filler. For more stories behind Lio's nu-disco cover, head to Bottin's soundcloud. Here's Spiller mix and the original video below.

Bottin feat. Jupiter - Sage Comme Une Image (Spiller Rx) by BOTTIN


I've been waiting impatiently for Tyson's debut album since his instantly anthemic debut single "Out Of My Mind" last year, accompanied by an equally epic remix by The Swiss. It was in fact one of the catchiest songs released in 2011. This week sees the release of his brand new single and the entire LP, both called "Die On The Dancefloor". The album's closing track, with echoes Alphaville's "Big in Japan" (or is it just me?), took my private chart by storm and currently sits comfortably at a number one spot. Brazenly catchy, anything but pretentious, the type of pop music which would rule the charts in an ideal world where "mainstreamers" would actually have a bit of taste in music...

Die On The Dancefloor (Round Table Knights Remix) by Back Yard Recordings

Saturday, February 25, 2012


ARTIST: Mandalay
TITLE: "Flowers Bloom"
RELEASE DATE: 1996, re-released with remixes in 1998
LABEL: V2 Records Inc.
ALBUM: "Empathy"

This was one of my personal favourites back in 1998. Nicola Hitchcock's sublime vocals, haunting melody and those poetic lyrics. They released only two albums and "Flowers Bloom" was easily their most accomplished work. Here it comes with two different from the album versions. Alex Reece's drum'n'bass version is particularly dreamy.

Mandalay - "Flowers Bloom" by SHREM

Mandalay - "Flowers Bloom (Alex Reece Radio Edit)" by SHREM

CHOON OF THE DAY: "HORSES" - Montevideo + Mickey Rework

Hungry for some fresh disco punk DFA style? Montevideo's "Horses" should soothe all those where-is-my-new-LCD-Soundsystem-tune cravings just fine. This electrifying single by the faux-Uruguayans from Brussels is out now via Smile Recordings. Top quality production!

Montevideo 'Horses' Radio Edit by Smile Recordings

Friday, February 24, 2012

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "SWAY" [with Nomi Ruiz] /// "SOMEONE JUST LIKE YOU" [with Mattie Sefer] - Beni

Brand new single from "House of Beni" is out and about with its multi-coloured video to accompany Beni's vibrant nu-disco beats. And to make this post even more jolly let's throw the album's hottest track on the menu too: "Sway" Beni's delectable collaboration with our most beloved Miss Nomi-Jessica 6-Ruiz. Whichever track that girl touches with her inimitable vocals turns into gold.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It's almost 2 years in Crystal Castles released their breakthrough second album and we're still receiving treats from it. Here's a brand new video to one of the album's stand-out tracks, the "Suffocation". New album with many festival appearances supposedly to follow later on this year.

CHOON OF THE DAY: "RUNNING" - Jessie Ware + Disclosure Remix

I have absolutely fallen in love with Jessie Ware's "Running". When music seems to be made of silk, velvet and plush... You will probably recognise this power of a voice from SBTRKT's eponymous debut album as Miss Ware provided sublime vocals to "Right Thing To Do" for his album... So here's the video for her divine solo single, check out also the ultra-funky live version of her other collaboration with SBTRKT - "Nervous" below. This urban flavour is seriously tasty!
P.S. That Disclosure remix is DA BOMB, try not to dance!!!
P.P.S. And I'll just say this one more time: WHAT A VOICE!!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012


Hard Ton - a self-proclaimed XXL disco diva of the XXI Century, Italo Disco most flamboyant re-inventor and one of the most vibrant dance acts globally at the moment also known as Dis-Grace Jones is back with a long anticipated brand new EP. After a recent stream of excellent collaborative singles with Ajello (among top 5 best singles of 2011), Discodromo, Kelton Prima, Billie Ray Martin and Jadoo, it's time for some more solo stuff. Here's a preview of the entire nu-disco action packed EP. Not even once that Hard Ton took part in anything even remotely average. New material is ace again!

Hard Ton - Not Again EP (TOYT001) by Toy Tonics


More dancefloor teasing from Miss Róisín Murphy. Two more collaborations were previewed on numerous podcasts the last few weeks. "Golden Era" is a classic house, the type you'd expect from the legendary David Morales who's confirmed to be the mind behind the track. The second tune however, the +9 minutes ultra-epic excursion into the slickest and most sensual of deep house vibes, is still surrounded by a lot of question marks. Let's hope the mystery behind the tune as well as the official release dates for both songs get revealed sometime soon. Both numbers are truly delectable.

Roisin Murphy + David Morales: Golden Era by hardcandymusic

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Browsing through my extensive collection of tunes, now spanning over almost a century in music, I have remembered the time when discovering new and old sounds was more exciting than ever. It was around the time Portishead released their groundbreaking debut "Dummy" (still my number 1 album of all times!). It was the arrival of the so-called trip-hop scene that turned me into an utter music geek. Still being very fond of those 1990's moments, I decided to create a brand new thread on my über-nerdy carousel, dedicated entirely to this fascinating era in the history of electronic music. Here's chapter one:

ARTIST: Ultra Living
TITLE: "Sweetest Pleasure"

LABEL: Creation Records

LOCATION: Tokyo, Japan

ALBUM: "Monochromatic Adventure"

Ultra Living - "Sweetest Pleasure" by SHREM

Saturday, February 18, 2012

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "NONE OF DEM" - Robyn feat. Röyksopp /// "NONE OF DEM" - Austra

"None of Dem" remains one of my (many many) favourite Robyn tracks. This wicked collaboration with the Norwegian wizards from Röyksopp was just offered a completely different take-on by Toronto based trio - Austra.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

CHOON OF THE DAY: "BI DUR (Burak Urgay Remix)" - Onor Bumbum

When tracks like this arrive I instantly refresh my memory as to why of all languages I have decided to study Turkish back in the University days... Possibly the most harmonious and most melodic of them all... This song has been following me for the past few weeks. When a remix out-does the original. Hooking tune which I discovered thanks to one of my favourite djs out there: Izmir based Murat Gayretli from Porneon.

Onor BumBum-Bi Dur (Burak Urgay Remix) by 90's Kid

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This somber piece of underground synth-pop noir brings back some of the first Midnight Juggernauts memories. "Wild Boys" tickles my ears the same way as "Shadows" by the Melbourne trio. This week's most intriguing of all new releases and another top tune scored for Canada on the map of music. Listen to the track below, then click LIKE if you like and read Jef Barbara's fascinating bio on his Facebook page.

Jef Barbara - Wild Boys (Tulip's Club Mix) by Tricatel

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

KEEP DA FLAVA OF DA OLDSKOOL: Jomanda / Ce Ce Peniston / Kym Sims

3 guilty pleasures I am not ashamed of loving in the slightest. Early 90's Female House at its most joyful. Oldskool dancefloor galore to break these mid-week blues.

"GOT A LOVE FOR YOU" - Jomanda (1991)

"KEEP ON WALKIN' (SILKY SOUL 7")" - Ce Ce Peniston (1992)
Ce Ce Peniston - "Keep On Walkin' (Silky Soul 7")" by SHREM

"A LITTLE BIT MORE" - Kym Sims (1992)


Aérea Negrot's "Arabxilla" was one of the most innovative albums released last year, no wonder it found its spot among the best of 2011. Futuristic electronica, cacophonous house, flamboyant minimal, whatever you call it, dipped in punk aesthetics and backed up by this Berlin based Venezuelan artist's otherworldly voice, "Arabxilla" is an extraordinary sonic experience.

Monday, February 13, 2012

SHREM'S FUTURE ANTHEMS: "Games" + "Boyfriend" - DENA

A fantastic 7" of lush synth pop sounds about to be released by DENA a Bulgarian born and Berlin based songstress. A much needed breathe of fresh air on the "intellectual" pop scene. Instantly enchanting!

Boyfriend / Games by D E N A

Sunday, February 12, 2012

WHITNEY HOUSTON 9 August 1963 – 11 February 2012 - R.I.P.

One of my childhood idols... I'd like to honour her with what I feel I do best, writing a list... Here's my top 10 favourite moments in her incredible repertoire. What a tragic loss...

10 "Saving All My Love For You"

09 "Fine"

08 "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)"

07 "Million Dollar Bill"

06 "Just The Lonely Talking Again"

05 "How Will I Know"

04 "All At Once"

03 "I'm Your Baby Tonight"

02 "It's Not Right, But It's Okay"

01 "Love Will Save The Day"

Thursday, February 9, 2012


10 "I Want You" - Madonna Feat. Massive Attack (1995)
ORIGINAL: Marvin Gaye (1976)

09 "Bridge Over Troubled Water" - Aretha Franklin (1972)
ORIGINAL: Simon & Garfunkel (1970)

08 "Light My Fire" - Shirley Bassey (1970)ORIGINAL: The Doors (1967)

07 "Corcovado" - Everything But The Girl (1996)ORIGINAL: Antonio Carlos Jobim (1962)
Everything but the girl - Corcovado by heleyders®

06 "I Put A Spell On You" - Natacha Atlas (2001)ORIGINAL: Screamin' Jay Hawkins (1956)05 "Jimmy" - M.I.A. (2007)ORIGINAL: "Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja" - Parvati Khan (1982)

04 "Miss Broadway" - Glass Candy (2007)ORIGINAL: Belle Epoque (1977)

03 "The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game" - Massive Attack Feat. Tracey Thorn (1995)ORIGINAL: The Marvelettes (1966)

02 "Fever" - Peggy Lee (1958)ORIGINAL: Little Willie John (1956)

01 "Call Of The Wild" - Gus Gus (2003)ORIGINAL: Jimi Tenor (2000)
Gus Gus - "Call Of The Wild" by SHREM