Saturday, January 27, 2018

SHREM'S LIST OBSESSION: Top 20 Best Music Videos of 2017

20 "Deadly Valentine" - Charlotte Gainsbourg
Directed by: Charlotte Gainsbourg

19 "Like a Woman" - Kacy Hill
Directed by: J.A.C.K.

18 "Comeback" - SSION
Directed by: Cody Critcheloe

17 "Isabella" - Isaac Delusion
Directed by: Nadia Lee Cohen

16 "Truth" - Kamasi Washington
Directed by: AG Rojas

15 "Little Ones" - Kwaye
Directed by: Billy Boyd Cape

14 "Die 4 U" - Perfume Genius
Directed by: Floria Sigismondi

13 "Boys" - Charli XCX
Directed by: Charli XCX and Sarah McColgan

12 "Last Breath" - Yaeji
Directed by: Yaeji

11 "Somebody Else" - Fatima
Directed by: Shane Connolly

10 "Mumbo Jumbo" - Tierra Whack
Directed by: Marco Prestini

9 "Territory" - The Blaze
Directed by: The Blaze

8 "Sinus" - Trentemøller
Directed by: Julie Reindl & Bruno Noaro

7 "Propagation" - Com Truise
Directed by: Will Joines & Karrie Crouse

6 "Get Lost" - Washed Out
Directed by: Harvey Benschoter

5 "Bluecid" - Sevdaliza
Directed by: Sevdaliza & Zahra Reijs

4 "Anymore" - Goldfrapp
Directed by: Mary Calderwell

3 "The Gate" - Björk
Directed by: Andrew Thomas Huang

2 "Utopia" - Björk
Directed by: Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones

1 "Arisen My Senses" - Björk
Directed by: Jesse Kanda


Thursday, January 25, 2018


Whatever Svala Kali and her (not only artistic) partner Einar 'Itz Mega' Egils create, turns into a musical anthem here on Shrem's Carousel of Über-Nerdiness. From their Steed Lord heyday to this brand new electrifying project Blissful, this Icelandic power-couple continue to deliver sleekly-produced compositions, floating around the soundscapes of synth-pop, R&B and electronica, meticulously crafting their own signature sound. "Find a Way" is no exception. It's that impressive visual and sonic combination that carries their aesthetic message across so effectively. The track premiered on iTunes at midnight last night and became my instant favourite. The video was directed by Einar Egils himself.


Monday, January 22, 2018


Maria Uzor and Gemma Cullingford formed Sink Ya Teeth in Norwich back in 2016. Their debut single "If You See Me" was an infectious disco punk number which gained them high praise from Pitchfork and a safe spot among both Greatest Tracks and Hottest Newcomers of 2017 here on my blog. Sitting somewhere between ESG, LCD Soundsystem, Bush Tetras and even Kraftwerk ("Glass") the sounds of Sink Ya Teeth are truly eclectic, dancefloor-friendly and most importantly fun! The English duo have a brand new single "Pushin" coming out on 2nd February. The track "is an upbeat ditty that explores the concept of blind devotion to a disco beat" as described by the girls themselves. To celebrate the upcoming release of "Pushin'' ahead of Sink Ya Teeth's forthcoming debut album, Maria and Gemma accepted my invitation to the "Perfect Party Playlist" thread and cherry-picked their favourite gems. I am so chuffed to have you on board ladies!

Connect with Sink Ya Teeth:



Gemma Cullingford:

1. "Too Many Creeps" - Bush Tetras

This song just gives me the shivers whenever I hear it. I just love the feel of it.

2. "Dancing is the Best Revenge" - !!!

My favourite song from last year. We were lucky enough to see this performed live several times too last year when supporting them. So good!

3. "Bulletproof" - La Roux

Pure feel-good synth-pop

4. "Beat the Clock" - Sparks

Just because.

5. "Theme from S'Express" - S-Express

A classic. Loved it when I was little, still love it now.

Maria Uzor:

1. "French Kiss" - Lil' Louis

Production perfection, no fucking about.

2. "I'll Be Good" - René & Angela

That bass riff gets me every time. A slice of dirty slick soul from the 80s.

3. "Gimme Some More" - Busta Rhymes

Just makes me wanna...

4. "Move Your Body" - Gene Farris

Great to throw your body around a room to.

5. "Step On" - Happy Mondays

Was at a party a couple of months ago and someone dropped this around 2am, and for 4 and a half minutes we all thought it was the best thing ever written!

Friday, January 19, 2018


I am extremely honoured to have this planet's number 1 disco collective - the inimitable Midnight Magic premiering their brand new video here on my carousel of tunes! The seductive slow-motion synth disco moment "Down Delay" is taken from their epic disco funk odyssey of an album "Free From Your Spell" which landed at the podium of my Top 20 Best Records of 2016. Very impressed with "Free From Your Spell" I have written up this saucy love letter to the band around the same time. The aptly sensual video stars Midnight Magic's phenomenal vocalist Tiffany Roth and was directed by the singer's long term friend and collaborator Dawn Carol Garcia.

Midnight Magic are playing Rough Trade NYC this Saturday. Get your tickets HERE.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

CHOON OF THE DAY: "EVERYTHING" - Lisa Stansfield + Top 20 Greatest Lisa Stansfield Gems

Lisa Stansfield's euphoric new single "Everything" is here! The track heralds the release of her brand new studio album "Deeper" and brings us on a somewhat sentimental journey to the "Affection" days with its slick kaleidoscope of British soul, funk and dance pop. To celebrate the release of the song I am taking you back through the ever so luscious back-catalogue of tunes from the Manchester diva with my very subjective selection of her 20 greatest tracks to date.

Top 20 Greatest Lisa Stansfield Gems

20 "Down In The Depths" - from "Red Hot + Blue: A Tribute To Cole Porter" (1990)

19 "Symptoms of Loneliness & Heartache" - from "Real Love" (1991)

18 "So Natural" (1993)

17 "Set Your Loving Free (Mellow Mix)" (1992)

16 "The Line" (1997)

15 "Someday (I'm Coming Back)" (1992)

14 "Never Gonna Fall" (1997)

13 "Marvellous & Mine" - from "So Natural" (1993)

12 "The Love In Me (12" Remix)" - from "People Hold On... The Remix Anthology" (2014)

11 "You Can't Deny It" (1990)

10 "Let's Just Call It Love" (2001)

9 "What Did I Do to You?" (1990)

8 "Make It Right" (1994)

7 "Change" (1991)

6 "This Is the Right Time" (1989)

5 "Poison" - from "Affection" (1989)

4 "Time to Make You Mine" (1992)

3 "All Around the World" (1989)

2 "People Hold On" - with Coldcut (1989)

1 "Live Together" (1990)