Sunday, February 28, 2010


This is yours truly portrayed beautifully by my super-talented friend Leanne at the charity masquerade event last nite. Click HERE 2 b transferred on2 her website. Thank u so much Miss Keaney X

Crème de la crème: FEBRUARY 2010

20 (N) - U CAN DANCE - Dj Hell Feat. Bryan Ferry - Mr Roxy Music's flirt with dance scene continues with this dark piece of electro

19 (8) - THIN ICE - Gus Gus - 2nd single from Gus Gus' 6th studio album "24/7"

18 (N) - BULLET PROOF - Ray Mang Feat. Lady Miss Kier - P-Funk classic revisited by Deee-liteful Lady Miss Kier Kirby who remains one the most distinctive vocalists in the history of dance music, smashing house track

17 (N) - VACUUM BOOGIE - Floating Points - another deep house theme by the ultra talented Londoners

16 (N) - MAMA USED TO SAY - Jupiter - jolly little cover version of Junior's top 10 hit from 1982

15 (N) - FUNKY NASSAU - The Juju Orchestra - bouncy little modern bossa nova number, courtesy of Mr Shane Murphy (thanx dad:-)

14 (N) - ME AND MADONNA (Comité Central Clap-Clap Laz-Laz Remix) - Catherine Ferroyer Blanchard - Black Strobe's electro anthem in a kooky and slightly off-key rendition by Parisian answer 2 Miss Kittin

13 (3) - LOVE - Dj Cam Feat. Nicolette - hypnotic duet of electronica's two über-talents

12 (N) - BYE BYE BAYOU - LCD Soundsystem - really really really looking 4ward 2 the new album after hearing this funky teaser

11 (N) - SAVE YOUR LOVE - Sally Shapiro - guilty pleasures Norwegian style

10 (N) - FEELING WITHOUT TOUCHING - Glass Candy - no one else sounds like Glass Candy, UNIQUENESS

09 (N) - PEARL'S DREAM - Bat For Lashes - sometimes 4 some strange reason u fall in love with a song months after its release...

08 (N) - TROUBLE (CFCF Remix) - Fabio Lendrum - balearic arrangement and one of the most haunting songs of the past few weeks

07 (N) - COMA CAT - Tensnake - 1980's r back again - great Pitchfork review of this track HERE

06 (N) - AZZA - Y.A.S. - From Beirut via Paris comes this hypnotic song from my most favourite album of last year ARABOLOGY

05 (N) - STILLNESS IS THE MOVE - Dirty Projectors - I have been praising this one already HERE

04 (N) - UN CANTO A MI TERRA - Quantic & His Combo Barbaro Feat. Nidia Gongora - un poco de salsa colombiana, me gusta mucho:-)

03 (N) - WE HAVE LOVE - Hot Chip - danced my socks off 2 this one last nite...

02 (1) - MOMMA'S PLACE - Róisín Murphy - it all begun at Momma's place...

01 (2) - RECKLESS (WITH YOUR LOVE) - Azari & III - house music all night long, listen and dance 2 it HERE

Friday, February 26, 2010


I am getting more & more excited about every next post on the Noughties matter, every next 10 is just better again... I adore this one;-) :

80 - MARZEC - Kasia Stankiewicz - I suppose the highest entry by a Polish artist in my ranking means this is the best song of the decade coming from my homeland... Well in my humble opinion anyway...

79 - MIDSUMMER NIGHT BLUES - Waldeck Feat. Zeebee - glamorous lounge extravaganza built up around timeless SUMMERTIME sample, beguiling

78 - SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE - Muse - the masters of indisputably enormous melodies, here's a tad more POPpy effort by the boys from Devon, England

77 - THE ESSENCE - Jody Watley - one of my biggest music icons of all times in a deliciously funky collaboration with King Britt, s*** cool vibes

76 - KOOP ISLAND BLUES - Koop Feat. Ane Brun - charmingly kitschy tune from the retro chic electronic jazz duo from Uppsala, Sweden, vibraphones, clarinet 'n' all that oldfashioned jazz

75 - FOREVER MORE - Moloko

74 - EVERYTHING IN ITS RIGHT PLACE - Radiohead - once upon a time when I was a kid (A)...

73 - HUMAN - Goldfrapp - particularly impressive and over the top in its Bondesque strings galore in the video edit of the song,

72 - SINKING FEELING - Róisín Murphy - another elaborate composition by the ever so fascinating La Murphy/Matthew Herbert team from RUBY BLUE - the sampling "rococo" masterpiece

71 - GET INNOCUOUS - LCD Soundsystem - 7 minutes long electronic symphony based on "bolero" motive, from one single juicy loop 2 the whole wall of sound, James Murphy's most sophisticated work 2 date, and he sounds a wee bit like David Bowie here too

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Some exquisite elektronische beats in a harmonious joint effort by Yvonne Cornelius (a.k.a. NIOBE) and Düsseldorf based electronic wizards of techno - Mouse on Mars. SEND ME SHIVERS does exactly what it says, it does send me shivers...(Danke Metellus:-)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


90 - WOULD YOU - Slowpho - Hi-Fi sounds not only for the young Norwegians, remember it clearly when I got a promo of their album 4 the whole ONE EURO back in 2002 and ringing my friends Maciek & Marysia all excited screaming "I THINK WE HAVE A BRAND NEW UNEXPECTED ALBUM OF THE YEAR"... "Would You" is a definite highlight, marriage of nervous drum'n'bass and beautifully haunting melody


88 - CHEWING GUM - Annie - tongue 'n' cheek pop @ its best!

87 - VICIOUS GAME - David Carretta - Marseille born International Deejay Gigolo Records' number one pimp who will KILL YOUR RADIO!

86 - CHOCOLATE - Kylie Minogue - Miss Minogue's classiest, most elegant and also sadly most underrated single in her whole decade catalogue


84 - LOVERTITS - Peaches - Debut 12" by the filthiest of all electroclash queens with a rather obscure bicycle themed video;-)

83 - SIX DAYS - DJ Shadow - really wanted 2 add Wong Kar Wai's phenomenal video 4 this gem but 2 my surprise I couldn't chase it down in the whole youtube... Strange... Here's the artwork instead:

82 - LIKE A FEATHER - Nikka Costa - Mark Ronson produced this saucy number in 2001

81 - AMOUREUX SOLITAIRES - Jeny Goes Dirty - a one off kinky collaboration between dame of electro Jennifer Cardini and producer Henry Goes Dirty covering French Pop classic song from LIO's repertoire

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Here it is... Top 100 countdown starts right here, right now:

100 - LES CHRYSANTHÈMES - Moscow Grooves Institute, O.L.F. & Olga Rojdestvenskaya - have I told you about "the melodies from heaven" yet? Well this is one of those "inescapable" compositions, sung in Russian with goosebumps-causing key changes,

99 - NIE PATRZYSZ - Kayah - elegant and intricate almost 8 minutes long opening track of the best album of the decade in my homeland - Poland, JAKA JA KAYAH...

98 - LOVELY HEAD - Goldfrapp - the very first single by Goldfrapp still magnetises the audiences at any of their live shows, Alison's otherworldly vocal performance

97 - PYRAMID SONG - Radiohead

96 - LET ME KNOW - Róisín Murphy

95 - MOODY FEELS GOOD - Spektrum - a London based gritty disco punk collective with a fashion icon Lola Olafisoye behind the microphone, beautifully crafted sonic experience straight from their second LP: "Fun At The Gymkhana Club"

94 - IT'S ALL TRUE - Tracey Thorn

93 - BACK TO BLACK - Amy Winehouse

92 - DON'T STOP THE MUSIC - Rihanna - similarly 2 Britney's TOXIC, I have included this track against my own will as I find Miss Rihanna extremely average, generic and predictable, DON'T STOP THE MUSIC though well top class pop moment, and that clever Michael Jackson sample, I just can't say a bad word about it...

91 - ALL THAT IS THIRST - Pati Yang - dreamy trip-hoppy sounds by one of Poland's most underrated songwriters, gorgeous tune accompanied by this sublime and meticulous video:

Monday, February 22, 2010


Alluring mélange of alt-funk and experimental rock (apparently...) . A slightly weird but certainly an unforgettable sonic experience. My little pick 2 brighten up this monday moodiness.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


BAMALAMA by Belle Epoque

I have a soft spot 4 music that was released the year I was born... Also in a mood 4 some dancefloor oddities 2day big time. Here's an absolute stomper by Belle Epoque mostly known 4 their BLACK IS BLACK and MISS BROADWAY singles. Bamalama's off da wall and way ahead of its time. I am in awe listening 2 it (as tacky as it is) I just can't get over the production!!! What a treasure! Hope u like it too:



Kitsch galore from sunny Italia circa 1979. Camp discoteca favourite still present on my saturday playlists... 2 put a smile on ur hangover face this lazy sunday:-)

Friday, February 19, 2010


Jumping music, slick dee-jays, fog machines and laser rays:-) ...

Number 1 and I mean NUMERO UNO dancefloor tune in my books of the last few weeks. Well along with La Murphy's MOMMA'S PLACE. If u like house music, if u like oldskool, if u like irresistible melodies or if u simply love dancing u r gonna ADORE that one:


110 - I CAN'T WAIT - Mirwais - Ahmadzaï's instantly recognisable sound and his very own definition of techno,

109 - PRIMITIVE - Róisín Murphy - most passionate moment on OVERPOWERED, fans favourite

108 - FACE TO FACE - Daft Punk

107 - FIRE IN THE HEART - Nicolette - divine, unclassifiable and incomparable sounds by the owner of one of this planet's most extraordinary voices, find this journey of a song among other uncompromising compositions on Nicolette's third solo album LIFE LOVES US

106 - SKIN DEEP - Beady Belle

105 - KEEP YOU KIMI - Hird Feat. Yukimi Nagano

104 - EMERGE - Fischerspooner - New York electro performance artists and their debut single that broke many boundaries

103 - KESKESE - Nosowska

102 - SPOITORESA - Mahala Raï Banda - The Noughties was a decade of a growing popularity of Oriental sounds which I was more than happy 2 observe, here's one of the most incredible bands of the genre, phenomenal Gypsy band based in Bucharest, check out their myspace page 4 the extended tour dates HERE

101 - MARBLE HOUSE - The Knife Feat. Jay Jay Johanson - exceptionally beautiful collaboration between two of my most beloved swedish acts. MARBLE HOUSE is what I call "a melody from heaven"...

From monday onwards I will be delighted 2 present you with top 100 of the past decade... Stay tuned:-)

Thursday, February 18, 2010



Some good fresh news coming about Tracey Thorn's third solo album LOVE AND ITS OPPOSITES. Look at the gorgeous artwork & check out some more details + a yummy free download HERE. In the meantime her impeccable vocals on Adam F's album COLOURS back in 1997. Welcome 2 the jungle baby...


A very good friend of mine and one of my musical gurus - Piotrek aka Pan Di-Dziej, dropped this juicy review of Hot Chip's latest effort. A great read especially 4 all those ones undecided 2 buy or not 2 buy. Brilliant 2 have u guest appearing on my blog Piotrek. More of it in the future please. Enjoy:

Hot Chip – "One Life Stand"

Hot Chip's front man Alexis Taylor is not a very good singer. Nor is Bob Dylan. Whereas Dylan's songs had been wildly covered by many artists throughout decades, bringing some ease for those less tolerant of his voice, this is unlikely going to happen with Hot Chip's material. Mostly because their songs aren't as politically or socially significant. It's not like Hot Chip write bad lyrics or tuneless melodies, but taken out of their natural environment – a quirky electro pop production – they wouldn't stand a chance. A good remix of a Hot Chip tune is also a rarity. That only shows the cheekiness of the band. This is as good as it gets. It won't get any better. Hot Chip could have been a great production team providing material for less imaginative pop stars. Instead they choose to deliver it themselves. This is what we have to offer – take it or leave it. What makes the Band of Geeks from London so significant is their "in your face” attitude and ability to work within their limitations, mocking them occasionally. White geeky boys trying to adopt soul and R'n'b for a laptop generation? That couldn't possibly work. But it does. Their first three LPs were a proof of that, so is their new album, “One life stand”, on which takes down a notch on their sonic experiments. “One night stand” is warmer, more polished and accessible. It's also less synthetic and more alive than previous ones. That might be a sign of growing up or sophistication. Or maybe Hot Chip finally discovered their inner rock band after years of touring and incorporating computer generated sounds with live instruments. With last year's arrival and popularity of bands Hot Chip clearly influenced, the likes of Passion Pit and Miike Snow, it is possible they felt a need to please more people. Then again the album lacks the potential hit singles like “A boy from school”, “Over & over” or “ Ready for the floor”. There are very strong moments and few possible singles here. “One life stand”, a synthpop gem reminiscent of Laid Back's 1983 hit single “White horse”, is as close you will get to a dancefloor filler. Opening tracks “Thieves in the night” and “Hand me down your love” introduce more mature songwriting and complex, lush arrangements (listen to the strings on “Hand me ..”). Halfway through the album slows down and delivers a trio of cozy songs that show sensible side of the boys. In a lullaby-like “Slush” Alexis takes his singing “talent” to another level. Providing the backing vocals as well, he handles the gorgeous melody very carefully in a great piano balladry style. He might not be the greatest singer, but he certainly feels the songs. The closing “Take it in” opens with dark, cloudy electro intro just to let some sunshine in with a catchy refrain and finish the album with an upbeat feeling. “One life stand” is a bold step and a proof of Hot Chip's progress.


Piotrek Czarnecki

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Is there any 1990's R'N'B lovers in da house? Do u remember Groove Theory's smashing TELL ME? Circa 1995, Amel Larrieux on vocals? Well it's one of my all time favourite r'n'b tunes and it was just covered by Beyonce's s*** cool sister Solange and Dirty Projectors on one of their gigs. Absolutely brilliant cover:


Time flies. We're nearly in top 100, two more posts and I shall b revealing the crème de la crème of the past decade... Stay tuned:-)

120 - WILLIAM'S BLOOD - Grace Jones - around her 60th b*day the exquisite Miss Grace Jones came back with one of her most stunning works 2 date, classic Jones sound, enchanting lyrics and that goosebums causing ending 2 the song, EPIC!

119 - HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER - Daft Punk - robo-funk state-of-the-art track, let's try 2 forget how it was mistreated by certain Kanye West...

118 - PANDORA - Róisín Murphy - and so La Murphy saga continues... Produced by the ever so inventive Mr Richard X, a sophisticated bonus track on her tremendous OVERPOWERED LP, space disco translated 4 the new century

117 - GET CONFUSED - Fischerspooner - rich, multi structured electro theme from their very own pop art video performance, included on New Yorkers' rather average second coming ODYSSEY,and the flute solo 2 die 4!

116 - SHUBRA - Natacha Atlas

115 - MY PLASTIC HEART - Frost - analog low key brilliant little number from... yes from Norway again... indeed... FROST's myspace page HERE

114 - SEXI FLEXI - Natalia - it's like 1980's rare grooves (that never happened in Poland btw) done up a mere 20ish years later, I've already shared this one with u HERE

113 - THE ERASER - Thom Yorke - Piotrek cieszysz sie?

112 - PLASTIQUE - Crème de Menthe

111 - BEAT GOES ON - Madonna - could have been one of La Ciccone's most successful singles... Could have if it was ever released... The most brilliant moment of the HARD CANDY era by far

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Dizzee Rascal covered it quite recently, I just can't get over how fresh does the original still sound. One of house music's brightest moments.

Monday, February 15, 2010


130 - ENTA FEN - Soapkills - the greatest of the greats, hidden gem from Lebanese underground dance scene, minimal, esoteric and deadly!

129 - ROCKING CHAIR - Cyndi Lauper Feat. Basement Jaxx

128 - CANDY CASTLE - Glass Candy - the coolest band on earth (and the most generous one!) that's all I have 2 say about Glass Candy, click HERE 4 their myspace page

127 - TOXIC - Britney Spears - kinda against my own will cause I simply cannot stand her but i have 2 admit it's a damn fine pop song... B%@&^ !!!

126 - SING A SONG (RÖYKSOPP REMIX) - Eri Nobuchika - do u know VISION ONE with Anneli Drecker on vocals on Röyksopp's latest album JUNIOR? Well this is where it comes from... All the way from Fukuoka, Japan comes this scrumptious pop piece by 信近エリ remixed by the applauded Norwegians

125 - GHOSTS - Beady Belle - from the musical capital of Europe - Bergen in Norway - comes this jazz-meets-drum'n'bass "melody from heaven", one of a kind!

124 - AERO DYNAMIK - Kraftwerk - the fathers and inventors of 95% of sounds I adore recording their final single in 2003, here's their visually phenomenal performance of it @ MTV awards:

123 - CRYSTALLINE GREEN - Goldfrapp - the most perfect bridge between their dreamy soundtrack-alike debut - FELT MOUNTAIN and electro kaleidoscope of BLACK CHERRY...

122 - WHAT ABOUT US? - Brandy

121 - DIAMOND DAVE - The Bird & The Bee - flawless melody in this slightly bizarrely themed tribute 2 David Lee Roth (sic!)

CHOON OF THE DAY: THE KEEPER - Bonobo Feat. Andreya Triana

A slice of nu-jazzy moodiness. Andreya Triana on vocals - magical! Just really felt like it looking at the weather outside...

Friday, February 12, 2010


The last bit of my musical absurdities b4 the weekend properly kicks in...

140 - KEEP YOUR WORRIES - Guru Feat. Angie Stone - such a bouncy little number, try 2 find the live performance @ Jools Holland with the mighty Herbie Hancock guest appearing, one of my boyfriend's all time favourite songs

139 - MOSS - Gus Gus - when club scene goes poetic lyrics, massive tune with the voice of Daníel Ágúst - one of Iceland's most prominent vocalists,

138 - MAXIMUS - Beni Feat. Sam Sparro - even better than BLACK & GOLD! I found a cool little review of it HERE and I simply can't add anything 2 it

137 - WOULD WOULD YOU LIKE TO DISCO? - Hess Is More - Danish kooky club cacophony


135 - OCALE CIE - Reni Jusis

134 - ALWAYS - Bent

133 - MUCHOMORY/HUJAWIAK - Maria Peszek - right I am slightly cheating here... I just couldn't decide which one 2 pick, I adore them both equally, one of my homeland's most promising talents

132 - SAMBA DA BÊNÇÃO - Bebel Gilberto - a truly brazilian experience, João Gilberto's daughter and her very own interpretation of bossa nova around samples taken from PERMUTATION by Amon Tobin -one of Brazil's most creative electronica artists

131 - MISSY QUEEN'S GONNA DIE - Tok Tok Vs Soffy O. - electroclash anthem made in Germany

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


150 - LA LA LA - The Bird and the Bee

149 - WHY DID WE FIRE THE GUN - Waldeck Feat. Zeebee - the coolest Vienna based team from their brilliant ballroom reinventing concept album

148 - INDIGO - Moloko - musical, lyrical and visual inventiveness, nothing less expected from Moloko throughout their whole vibrant catalogue, here's a perfect example of all 3:

147 - I PUT A SPELL ON YOU - Natacha Atlas - Egyptian vocal institution covering one of all time classics 2 a surprising in its oriental style superb effect,

146 - UTOPIA - Goldfrapp - mesmerising single from their groundbreaking debut,

145 - CYBER-RAGA - Madonna Feat. Talvin Singh - one of La Ciccone's sadly rare tracks as it is a genius joint effort by The Queen of Pop and number one name in Indian electronica, complex, raw and stimulating "modern era mantra", chase it down on the Japanese edition of MUSIC

144 - LIGHT & MAGIC - Ladytron - this title track from Ladytron's second album sends a shiver down my spine each time, there's something quite old fashioned about its melody and then there's their distinguishing multi-layered in-your-face electronic production all over it, ethereal and gripping

143 - ME AND MR JONES - Amy Winehouse

142 - SOUND OF VIOLENCE (COSMO VITELLI REMIX) - Cassius - Le French Touch founders remixed by genre's other pioneer, jolly little gathering and one of those impossible-not-2-dance moments...

141 - WLOCZYKIJE - Envee & Niewinni Czarodzieje Feat. Marysia Sadowska - thanx 2 certain Pan Kolega Askaniusz I've been learning this nu-jazz stomper by heart from the original demo tapes back in the days... Then there was the official release and the remixes keeping me haunted until 2day



A slice of bonkers underground disco. I have only discovered it 27 years after its original release. My i-choons library tells me I have played it 77 times since... 4 any admirers of dancefloor oddities and disco obscurities. A top class track in its attractive eeriness.

Monday, February 8, 2010


The countdown continues after a short weekend break, god I was just listening 2 those 10 love it love it love it! Enjoy...

160 - THIS ISN'T MAYBE - Waldeck - a charming piece created around Chet Baker's THIS IS ALWAYS by Austria's most talented musical export

159 - SWEET CHILD - Micatone - play that funky music by nu-jazz pioneers aus Deutschland, joyful and gooorooooovy:-)

158 - REVEALING THE SOUNDS - The Timewriter - mind yourself u're about 2 be hypnotised on the dancefloor! Deep house at its most refined, nearly 7 minutes of a sonic orgasm 4 all those who dig the genre or any slaves to the rhythm on that matter

157 - ROCK WITH U - Janet Jackson - Ok... I admit, I do have a soft spot 4 Miss Janet. This track though is a genuinely and objectively a great pop song. Her name ain't baby, it's Janet! Miss Jackson if u're nasty!!!

156 - FANCY FOOTWORK - Chromeo

155 - BUCKY DONE GUN - M.I.A. -

154 - FREE YOUR HEART - Frost - icicle pop from Bergen, Norway. Beware: EXTREMELY CATCHY!

153 - JAKA JA KAYAH - Kayah - pop goes oriental electronica by Polish Madonna, sitar & strings arrangements 2 die 4

152 - TEA LEAF DANCERS - Flying Lotus Feat. Andreya Triana - no one else creates sounds quite like these, Flying Lotus' very own recipe 4 "liquid" downtempo beats, here additionally embellished by Andreya Triana - Brighton's underground diva & owner of one of the most desired voices on the club scene nowadays...

151 - DISTANCE (METRONOMY REMIX) - DNTL - Maciek thanx 4 finding this one out, still one of the most listened songs on my i-choons, a great example 4 a remix work being a work of art in the same time


The sensational Róisín Murphy performing her upcoming single DEMON LOVER at the gravity defying ultra-fabulous VIKTOR & ROLF show. The epitamy of COOL...

Friday, February 5, 2010


Lads I dare 2 say this is THE BEST mash up video ever made on youtube. Clips of THE MUPPET SHOW perfectly synchronised with this ace nu-disco anthem by this super-talented collective from New York. I fell in love with this song in 2008 but never realised this brilliant video existed until this morning...

Voulez-vous disco avec Escort? Click HERE 2 b transferred 2 their myspace page. Top notch tunes I promise!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


170 - SPLITTING THE ATOM - Massive Attack - last year's epic single from Bristol crew's upcoming brand new LP HELIGOLAND

169 - HEARTBEATS - The Knife

168 - BRING ME CLOSER - Richard Davis - strings multilayered deep house tune with soul

167 - DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL YOU - Dani Siciliano - from Miss Siciliano's unbelievable 2nd album SLAPPERS, sang it along loudly in the first row admiring her performance in Krakow 2 years ago, fingers crossed we get 2 hear something new this year...

166 - MOTH - Burial & Four Tet - 9 minutes of monotonous yet fascinating journey into electronic landscapes, Danse Macabre a.k.a. dubstep ;-)

165 - PLEASURE IS ALL MINE - Björk - MEDULLA's opening track, breathtaking beauty, a serious sonic experience in Dolby Surround...

164 - THRILLS - LCD Soundsystem - 4 some strange reason this is the strongest moment on James Murphy's debut in my humble opinion...

163 - SYNU (SISQUAD REMIX) - SiStars - Polish mainstream single in a very dancefloor friendly rendition

162 - LOVE CAN DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH - Télépopmusik Feat. Angela McCluskey - remember it clearly it was the first single I have purchased when I moved 2 Dublin first in 2002...

161 - TRICKS - Novika Feat. Sqbass - little Polish treat of a song, joyful, extremely melodic and sooo catchy, check it out: