Saturday, March 9, 2019


Sevdaliza. One of the most unique, uncompromising and exquisite talents in the world right now. With every next release being a thrill, I would like to highlight in particular the magnificence of her latest offering, the mesmerising "Darkest Hour". The initial, ascetically minimal piano-led production gradually builds up to a haunting, multi-layered synth-pop wonder, bolero style. It already sounds as confident and powerful as some of Sevdaliza's most accomplished works to date such as "Shahmaran", "Human" or "That Other Girl". And that recitation in Farsi in the very last seconds of the song, the cherry on top! A new masterpiece. We are not worthy.

And here's a reminder of Sevdaliza's previous songs I consider masterpieces in my muso books... 

Friday, March 8, 2019

Crème de la Shrem: TOP 25 BEST OF FEBRUARY 2019

Exclusive artwork: Les Cullinan Designs

25 (N) "Natikillah" - Nathy Peluso (Taste the Floor)

24 (N) "Ally McBeal" - Morabeza Tobacco (Naive Recordings)

23 (N) "Kiska (киска)" - Kedr Livanskiy (2MR)

22 (N) "Time Rider" - Chromatics (Italians Do It Better)

21 (N) "Noches" - Prince Innocence (self-released)

20 (N) "Nothing Changes" - Biig Piig with Kxrn (self-released)

19 (12) "Casio" - Jungle (XL Recordings)

18 (22) "I'm Not In Love" - Kelsey Lu (Columbia Records)

17 (N) "Romance Noire" - Double Mixte (Italians Do It Better)

16 (N) "Sebi" - Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl (Universal)

15 (N) "T-Shirt" - Pecas (Broken Circles)

14 (N) "Mudbira" - A-WA (La Sis)

13 (N) "The Barrel" - Aldous Harding (4AD)

12 (9) "Birdsong" - Rosie Lowe (Wolfe Tone)

11 (4) "Naked City" - Glass Candy (Italians Do It Better)

10 (N) "Send to Robin Immediately" - Robyn (Konichiwa Records)

9 (N) "Cursed and Cussed" - Charlotte Adigéry (DEEWEE)

8 (N) "Adore You" - Jessie Ware (PMR)

7 (19) "A Day Without You" - Cherushii & Maria Minerva (100% Silk)

6 (RE) "Lifetime" - Gus Gus (Oroom)

5 (N) "Chewing Gum" - Vendredi sur Mer (Profil de Face)

4 (N) "Turkish Delight" - Roses Gabor (AllPoints)

3 (1) "Incapable" - Crooked Man feat. Róisín Murphy (Bitter End)

2 (2) "LA" - Boy Harsher (NUDE CLUB)

1 (N) "Nobody's Fool" - Cherushii & Maria Minerva (100% Silk)