Saturday, February 27, 2016

SHREM'S LIST OBSESSION: Top 200 Best Tracks of the 1980's part 1 [200-181]

200 "I'm Ready" - Kano (1980)

199 "U Turn Me On" - Jeancy (1983)

198 "Enola Gay" - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark [OMD] (1980)

197 "Rock Steady" - The Whispers (1987)

196 "Tell Me When The Fever Ended" - Electribe 101 (1989)

195 "Body Work" - Hot Streak (1983)

194 "Stay the Night" - Billy Ocean (1980)

193 "Mesopotamia" - The B-52's (1982)

192 "Paid In Full" - Eric B. & Rakim (1987)

191 "House Arrest (The Beat Is The Law)" - Krush (1987)

190 "Messages From The Stars" - The RAH Band (1983)

189 "Tears" - Frankie Knuckles presents Satoshi Tomiie feat. Robert Owens (1989)

188 "For Phoebe Still a Baby" - Cocteau Twins (1988)

187 "Moments In Love" - Art Of Noise (1985)

186 "Forget Me Nots" - Patrice Rushen (1982)

185 "Take Your Time (Do It Right)" - The S.O.S. Band (1980)

184 "Rock The Box" - Sylvester (1984)

183 "Galbi" - Ofra Haza (1988)

182 "Domino Dancing" - Pet Shop Boys (1988)

181 "Remember" - Gino Soccio (1982)


For such a young artist, Nao has already built an impressive body of work in the last couple of years. Both of her first two EP's "So Good" and "February 15" were pretty much flawless. Then there was the blissfully Princesque "Bad Blood" the first official teaser of her yet to be titled and scheduled but hugely anticipated debut album. "Fool To Love" is another scrumptiously melodic gem further enriching that signature neo soul sound Nao has been meticulously developing with every next release of hers so far. With echoes of 90's R&B, those funky riffs à la Paisley Park, bewildering vocal harmonies and slick electronic production, this London based songstress contributes yet again to the expansion of the vibrant UK R&B scene. "Fool To Love" is out now on iTunes.


Monday, February 22, 2016


"We made up a dream, we made up a dream and then we burned it"... Every now and then I stumble upon a real gem among my blog submission e-mails, always delighted to discover unique, new, engaging sounds. Ylva Holmdahl, Christian "Kiwi" Berg and Josefin Runsteen form an intriguing Gothenburg based trio called Wildhart. "We Made Up A Dream" comes from the band's upcoming debut EP which drops 4th March via Gaphals. It's a melancholic synth-pop flirt with cinematic electronica with some delicate, almost Balearic vibes. The song reminisces CSLSX, Grimes and Fever Ray in a very subtle way. Understated yet sophisticated. Low-key yet enduring. Fresh electro pop made in Sweden.

Here's Wildhart's previous single "Fantasy":

Thursday, February 18, 2016


The mesmerising FKA Twigs drops a surprise new video for a significantly less experimental single "Good To Love".  The powerful, unpredictably conventional ballad premiered on the artist's website at midnight and is accompanied by a rather low-key black & white video directed by FKA Twigs herself and Imma. A complete shift in artistic direction? Either way, the British singer is still on the absolute top of her vocal game.

And for those who missed her sensational performance at the MOBO Awards last autumn, here it is in its full glory:

Monday, February 15, 2016


One of Dublin's based kept electronic secrets Ocho return after almost 4 years with an enthralling slice of ice cold electro. Stace Gill's whispery, soulful vocal harmonies intertwine sublimely with layers of intense slow beats and instead of a musical juxtaposition they conceive a celestial unity of sounds and tones. I have been wondering what would the Irish duo have in store for us ever since I have fallen with "Young Hunting" back in 2012 - one of the greatest tracks that year. The remarkable "Vines" floats somewhere between Sevdaliza's "That Other Girl" and Portishead's "Machine Gun". The song is out now on iTunes via Feel Good Lost. Intensive melancholia.

And here's a reminder of the hypnotising "Young Hunting" again:

Saturday, February 13, 2016

SHREM'S LIST OBSESSION: Top 20 Greatest House Tracks of 1980's

20 "THAT'S THE WAY LOVE IS" - Ten City (1989)

19 "IT'S YOU" - E.S.P. (1986)

18 "IN & OUT OF MY LIFE" - Adeva (1988)

17 "LET THE MUSIC (USE YOU)" - The Night Writers (1987)

16 "TEARS" - Frankie Knuckles presents Satoshi Tomiie feat. Robert Owens (1989)

15 "RESPECT" - Adeva (1988)

14 "MOVE YOUR BODY (THE HOUSE MUSIC ANTHEM)" - Marshall Jefferson & On The House (1986)

13 "PEOPLE HOLD ON" - Coldcut feat. Lisa Stansfield (1989)

12 "SOMEDAY" - Ce Ce Rogers (1987)

11 "DON'T YOU WANT ME" - Jomanda (1989)

10 "PARADISE (Shep Pettibone Remix) - Diana Ross (1989)

9 "IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT (Vocal Mix)" - Da Posse feat. Christa Jordan (1988)

8 "CAN YOU FEEL IT" - Fingers Inc. feat. Robert Owens (1988)

7 "LOVE WILL SAVE THE DAY (Jellybean & David Morales 1987 Classic Underground Mix)" - Whitney Houston (1988)

6 "PROMISED LAND" - Joe Smooth (1988)

5 "DIRTY CASH (MONEY TALKS)" - Adventures Of Stevie V (1989)

4 "BABY WANTS TO RIDE" - Frankie Knuckles feat. Jamie Principle (1987)

3 "NO WAY BACK" - Adonis (1986)

2 "AIN'T NOBODY BETTER" - Inner City (1989)

1 "BIG FUN" - Inner City (1988)


U.S. Girls, the most captivating of all artists currently residing at 4AD - "the record label that gave birth to indie cool", released her curiously eclectic "Half Free" album last year. Following the stream of immersive singles promoting the album "Damn That Valley", "Woman's Work" and "Window Shades" Megan Remy continues to inspire with "Navy & Cream" a song which balances between the wall of industrial electro sound and her very own experimental definition of Pop music in the same time. One of a kind.

Monday, February 8, 2016


Continuing my New Year's resolution about posting more songs from the lesser explored corners of the musical world, I give you this truly captivating recording from the Berlin based Yemeni/German duo Kabreet. "Enta Arabi" comes from Ibi Ibrahim & Hanno Stecher's freshly released debut album "Momken Bokra" which you can stream and purchase on Bandcamp. The elegant composition mixes some traditional Arabic instruments with minimal electronica in a subtle way. With its understated melody, nostalgic vocals and the unquestionably melodic aspect of the al-ʿArabiyyah, "Enta Arabi" is a real treat not only for those already partial to Middle Eastern sounds.

Here's the video for the equally seductive title track taken from Kabreet's first LP: