Friday, August 30, 2013


So excited the wait is over and we all, Róisín Murphy devotees, will finally be able to extend our collections with this fantastic collaboration Irish disco queen brewed with Hot Natured for their debut album "Different Sides of the Sun". It is simply delicious!

And here's the official album teaser, if you pre-order it now before its 2nd September release, you will receive the band's latest single "Isis" for free!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

SHREM'S FUTURE ANTHEMS: "Everything You Never Had (We Had It All)" - Breach feat. Andreya Triana

2013. The year of House music. Remember "Jack" the utterly catchy UK Garage single that scored #9 on the UK Singles Chart earlier on this year? Well you most certainly must remember THIS berserk video which accompanied the release. Well, here's Breach's follow up tune, an oldskool heavy diva house stomper which features the amazingly talented Andreya Triana (Bonobo, Flying Lotus, Mr. Scruff) on vocals. What a massive track!!!

Breach ft. Andreya Triana - Everything You Never Had (We Had It All) by Breach-uk

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

SHREM'S FUTURE ANTHEMS: "MERMAID OF SALINAS" - Basement Jaxx + "What A Difference Your Love Makes (Huxley Remix)"

It seems I can't stop blogging about Basement Jaxx these days but I seriously haven't been that excited about their new material in almost a decade! While "What A Difference Your Love Makes" might possibly be one of the songs of the year (and definitely the best video in 2013 so far!) they're also offering a treasure of a b-side "Mermaid Of Salinas" - a slice of multi-coloured explosion of irresistible samba beats. The London duo could always afford to drop such quality tunes as bonus tracks only, an overload of talent and creativity that they are. This is the "Bingo Bango" of 2013. Superb! The single is out 29th September.

What A Difference Your Love Makes (HUXLEY REMIX) by Basement Jaxx

And here's "Bingo Bango" again while we're at it:

SHREM'S GUILTIEST OF PLEASURES... VOL. 35: "Ja, Ruchomy Cel" + "Chodzę, stoję, siedzę, leżę" - Gayga

While in my homeland, Poland why not rediscover some of these kitschy 1980's numbers that were such an important part of my musical upbringing back in the communism days here. Gayga was our most oddball pop star that never actually became hugely popular probably down to the fact she was way ahead of her time and was quite simply too edgy for the mainstream media. A truly vibrant mix of Nina Hagen and The B-52's vibes with some 80's new wave and electro added in for good measure. Bonkers! Just the way I like it.

Friday, August 23, 2013


These indescribably exquisite songs come from Eglo Records' #1 diva, the underground nu-jazz queen Fatima. Her latest EP "Circle" is just out and it simply couldn't be any better nor it could be any more my cup of tea. Such a smooth vibe and miss Fatima delivers a goosebump-causing vocal performance in a serpentine of meticulous harmonies. I haven't stopped listening to it for days. Understated, elegant and classy. The EP strangely doesn't seem to have an official presence on neither Soundcloud or Youtube yet so here's a radio rip of the Computer Jay produced "Circle" feat. Shafiq Husayn and Oh No produced "Technology". What a talented lady.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

CHOON OF THE DAY: "RESTLESS" - Sísý Ey feat. Unnsteinn

More summery anthems coming from Iceland! Sísý Ey are giving away their new single "Restless" featuring Retro Stefson's Unnsteinn for free on their Facebook page. This sounds as uplifting and upbeat as I remember when hearing it live for the first time at Sónar, Barcelona earlier on this year. Really looking forward to their debut album, after all it sounds rather promising with this catchy new track as well as the omnipresent "Ain't Got Nobody" (check out the special live recording of it below), one of the best songs I heard all year so far in 2013.

Restless featuring Unnsteinn [free download] by Sísý Ey

Sunday, August 18, 2013


It's been a long while since I fell for a raw piece of electro like this the last time. Tomas More is an electronic music producer and Dj from Paris. "No One Is Out Of Touch" is an atmospheric noir piece of electronica which echoes some of Kraftwerk's more recent sonic memories. Outstanding track that may possibly haunt you for weeks as it was the case with me! "Break O Dawn, Vol. 2" is out now, you can purchase the whole EP on Beatport alongside other digital outlets!

Tomas More - Break O Dawn Vol.2 by getthecurse

Friday, August 16, 2013

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "Redheads Feel More Pain" - Glass Candy /// "Fill the Blanks" - Appaloosa

Two more videos from Italians Do It Better's ubiquitous "After Dark 2" compilation emerged in the last few weeks. Alberto Rossini just added another vintage inspired clip to his visual odyssey of videos submitted exclusively for the label, this time focusing solely on the incomparable Ida No while portraying Glass Candy's most experimental and uncompromising single in years "Redheads Feel More Pain". In the meantime French duo Appaloosa released an aptly bizarre video, directed by Raphaëlle Chovin, for their strange little electro number "Fill the Blanks". Both tracks, alongside brand new tunes from Desire, Chromatics and Farah, can be found on "After Dark 2" which is an absolute must for all the nu italo disco, underground electro and "twisted" synth pop lovers out there.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

SHREM'S LIST OBSESSION: Top 10 Favourite Basement Jaxx Collaborations

We're still over one month away from the release of Basement Jaxx's excellent single with Sam Brookes "What A Difference Your Love Makes". I couldn't hide my euphoria about this ludicrously good song claiming it the other day to be Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe's best single in over a decade. This unusual and unexpected joint effort between the London duo and Tim Buckley and Nick Drake influenced folk singer made me go through all of Basement Jaxx's back catalogue in search of their most fruitful, surprising and dazzling collaborations to date. And so I came up with this brand new list of mine:

10 "What's A Girl Gotta Do?" - with Paloma Faith, from "Scars" (2009)

09 "Saga" - with Santigold, from "Scars" (2009)

08 "Rocking Chair" - with Cyndi Lauper, from her "Bring Ya To The Brink" (2008)

07 "Hey U" - with Robyn, from "Crazy Itch Radio" (2006)

06 "Scars" - with Kelis, Meleka & Chipmunk, from "Scars" (2009)

05 "Cish Cash" - with Siouxsie Sioux, from "Kish Kash" (2003)

04 "What A Difference Your Love Makes" - with Sam Brookes (2013)

03 "Twerk" - with Yo! Majesty, from "Planet 1 EP" (2008)

02 "Day Of The Sunflowers (We March On)" - with Yoko Ono, from "Scars" (2009)

01 "Lucky Star" - with Dizzee Rascal, from "Kish Kash" (2003)


The indestructible disco-reinventing troupe Escort with Adeline Michèle, their soulful lead vocalist extraordinaire are preparing another dancefloor attack with the arrival of "Cabaret". Brooklyn's finest disco orchestra's offer of pure hedonistic uplifting kind of party is still very much valid and enjoyable. Looking forward to Escort's 2nd LP immensely.

Cabaret by Escort Records

Monday, August 12, 2013


It's no news for the regular readers of my "carousel" that Shaun J. Wright is my absolute #1 favourite male singer in the whole clubland globally. It makes him even more irresistible to me knowing he's as passionate about house music as I am. This juicy new slice of underground house "Love Inspired" comes from the first in EP series released via Luke Solomon & Derrick Carter's very own Classic Music Company where Wright alongside Alinka spread the word about their flamboyant Twirl project with top quality dance productions. "This is a defining release of the new phase of Classic's re-invention with a new family of artists and an ever growing family of like minded misfits. Three songs with vocals from ex-Hercules and Love Affair vocalist Shaun that sound like they could have sat quite comfortably amongst the original Classic material, yet harnessing the contemporary production tools available." As read in the label's official press release. An attitude. An energy. A movement that encaptures the groove. Indeed. The EP is out 2nd September.

Shaun J. Wright & Alinka ‘Love Inspired’ by Classic Music Company


Well mixing up so many genres, elements and influences into one song that's not even 3 minutes long and making it sound incomparably unique is a hell of a task. Micachu's staggering productional skills turned this track by Tirzah into a seductive dancefloor moment impossible to resist. Raw urban beats, gritty dancehall motives, echoes of garage classics, flawless vocal harmonies and distorted sound effects - it all comes together smoothly and makes "I'm Not Dancing" an instant winner of a song. Alongside the sexy "Slow Jam", both tunes appear on Tirzah's debut solo EP out now via Greco-Roman. Feeling groovy.

Tirzah - Slow Jam by Greco-Roman

Sunday, August 11, 2013

SHREM'S BIGGIES BUT GOODIES: "What A Difference Your Love Makes" - Basement Jaxx feat. Sam Brookes

Basement Jaxx's latest single "What A Difference Your Love Makes" is probably the London duo's most prolific release since "Lucky Star" with Dizzee Rascal almost 10 years ago. I actually cannot stop listening to it and now this fantastically uplifting video made it even more appealing. Their 6th studio album is right on top of my most wanted album list for 2013.

Basement Jaxx - What A Difference Your Love Makes by Basement Jaxx

Friday, August 9, 2013

CHOON OF THE DAY: "BURNING BRIGHT" - Maya Jane Coles feat. Kim Ann Foxman

I've got such a girl crush on Kim Ann Foxman... After watching this eerie video an even bigger one. The elegantly and subtly produced "Burning Bright" is the 3rd single taken from Maya Jane Coles' latest album "Comfort".  Easily among Foxman's strongest guest appearances so far. "Burning Bright" remixes coming soon...

Burning Bright (feat. Kim Ann Foxman) by Maya Jane Coles

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Exactly how many new fierce R'N'B divas are we still bound to discover in 2013? Well here's another talented lady with an attitude. Miss Phlo Finister adds her very own flavour to that very fashionable modern R'N'B trend with an electronic underground twist and some trip-hop echoes too. "Poster Girl EP" is out now via London based Night Beach Records and it's sounding rather fabulous.

Phlo Finister- Americas Most Wanted by Night Beach Records

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

SHREM'S BIGGIES BUT GOODIES BASKET: "ODD LOOK" - Kavinsky feat. The Weeknd + Remixes

Kavinsky's "Odd Look", probably the best track taken from the French house virtuoso's debut album sounds like reviving the early 80's space disco and shipping it into the sonic future. This staggering vocal version of the track featuring The Weeknd completely blew my mind (and my ears!). What a gem!

Kavinsky - Odd Look by Kavinsky

Sunday, August 4, 2013


I must admit I have never heard of Twigs, or shall I say the artist formerly known as Twigs, until this week. All of a sudden a few of my muso friends whose tastes in music I always trust, started obsessively sharing this video. Strange I remained so completely oblivious to this extraordinary singer for that long. Anyhow here's "Water Me" one of the most unique, mind-blowing recordings I heard all year. Beautifully bizarre, hypnotically gripping, both visually and sonically astounding. Produced by Arca, the transcendent "Water Me" announces Twigs' EP2 out 9th September via Young Turks. I am in awe...

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Crème de la crème: JULY 2013

20 (N) "This Way" - Boy Kid Cloud

Boy Kid Cloud - This Way by Inspected

19 (N) "Hold Up" - Osborne feat. Joe Goddard

Osborne - Hold Up (Feat. Joe Goddard) by ghostly

18 (N) "Melancholia" - Rebeka

17 (N) "Barbarians" - Escort

16 (14) This City´s Local Italo Disco DJ Has A Crush On Me" - Sally Shapiro + Little Boots Remix

This City's Local Italo Disco DJ Has A Crush On Me by Sally Shapiro

This City's Local Italo Disco DJ Has A Crush On Me (Little Boots Discotheque Remix) by Sally Shapiro

15 (N) "Bipp" - Sophie


14 (N) "Jack" - Breach

13 (N) "Baciami" - Marli Blu & Marco Moschino

Marli Blu & Marco Moschino - Baciami - vocal (clip) by Marlin P&P

12 (N) "Spa Day" - LE1F

11 (N) "Stronger" - Nicholas feat. Jessy Allen

10 (N) "Efféminé" - Katerine

09 (RE) "All You're Waiting For" - Classixx feat. Nancy Whang

08 (N) "Airglow Fires" - Lone

Lone - Airglow Fires by Lone

07 (3) "On My Brain" - Peter & The Magician feat. Sophie Galpin

PETER & THE MAGICIAN - "On my Brain" (feat. Sophie Galpin) by The Magician (Official)

06 (N) "Skinny Dipping" - Rainbow Chan

Rainbow Chan - Skinny Dipping by Silo Arts & Records

05 (N) "Nobody" - Poisonous Relationship

Poisonous Relationship - Nobody by E C S T A S Y

04 (1) "Confess To Me" - Disclosure feat. Jessie Ware

03 (N) "Polyethers (Jimmy Edgar Remix)" - Py

Polyethers (JIMMY EDGAR REMIX) by Py.

02 (N) "Back Together" - Annie

01 (N) "Invisible" - Annie


Japanese Art Day Core anyone? Silo Arts & Records based one half in NYC, and one half in Brisbane, Australia have just released Rainbow Chan's striking debut EP "Long Vacation". Conjuring an eclectic mix of vintage tones, sweet textural landscapes and layers of glitchy sounds, Rainbow's music is forward-thinking pop, embedded in the nostalgic imagination. Listening to these refreshing, charmingly odd ditties, sung with a rich unique voice, one may place Chan's unclassifiable sounds somewhere between Dirty Projectors, Stereolab, Pizzicato 5 and Metronomy. I am really curious to see what the future may hold for this unconventional and extremely stylish songstress. Check-out the whole EP HERE!