Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Every so often there comes a track which literally leaves you speechless... In this case the track left me awestruck both sonically and visually. Sevdaliza's tantalising new single "Human" is an electronic orgy of slow and micro beats, subtle Oriental adornments, whispers, recitations and flawless vocalisations. One to throw on full blast on that surround system of yours. It's certainly not the first time this gifted multifaceted artist of Iranian descent caught our attention, with the opulent "That Other Girl" landing among Top 20 Greatest Tracks of 2015 in our annual year-end countdown and the haunting "Time" which I was singing the praises of only last month.

Over half a million views on Youtube in less than one week is quite an achievement for a niche alternative artist like Sevdaliza. The visual feast courtesy of Emmanuel Adjei.