Wednesday, April 30, 2014


"I Give To You My Love and Devotion" is the second collaborative album of Finland's most musical couple Jimi Tenor and Nicole Willis. The first two singles are oozing positive vibrations, oldskool house flavours and soulful vocals with a pinch of jazziness close to the heart of both of these extraordinary performers. Adding this surprisingly fast follow-up to Cola & Jimmu's debut "Enigmatic" to my personal list of the records I anticipate the most in 2014.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

SHREM'S FUTURE ANTHEMS: "I TRY TO TALK TO YOU" - Hercules & Love Affair feat. John Grant

The first listen to this awe-inspiring collaboration of Hercules & Love Affair and the ubiquitous Mr John Grant made me think it's possibly Andrew Butler's most accomplished work since "Blind" his astonishing joint effort with Antony Hegarty. This melody simply is heavenly, John Grant's vocals stupendous and Butler's production out of this world. A spot-on recipe for a future anthem indeed. And I thought I couldn't get any more excited about Hercules & Love Affair's 3rd LP "The Feast Of The Broken Heart", well I just did...

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Scandinavia's fiercest POP stars Robyn and Röyksopp revealed the first and title song from their upcoming collaborative mini album which is already promising to be something like a phenomenon. Completely unsurprisingly it sounds like the most powerful POP single we've heard all year so far. Flawless production from Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland, über-catchy melody and Robyn's inimitable voice. Words cannot express my excitement around this joint effort and the possibility of seeing this mighty trio live during their "Do It Again Tour" somewhere this year. Fingers crossed!

UPDATE!!!! Lyric video is now here as well:

The EP will also include "Monument" a 10 minute long synth-pop odyssey which Robyn & Röyksopp teased us with already a few days ago:

Thursday, April 24, 2014

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "TO LOSE (Kill J Remix)" /// "NEED U" - Oceaán

Oceaán, my latest obsession among male vocalists and James Blake's most natural competitor in the vocal acrobatics category is back with his first single "To Lose" remixed by another one of our favourite newcomers Danish duo Kill J. They've accomplished a truly inspirational version of the song without losing its initial magic. As I return to Oceaán's debut EP quite a lot these days I thought it'd be nice to spread some love about another track by this talented singer, "Need U".

The emotional "To Lose" now also has an official video:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Introducing TĀLĀ. This London based female producer is the latest craze in the blogosphere. Born in London from a melting pot of contrasting cultures and influences, TÃLÃ celebrates the eclectic – growing up in the 90's of Iranian descent, the soundtrack to TÃLÃ's key influential years as a youngster was a mixture of classical music, 90s hip-hop and R&B, and computer game soundtracks. While "Serbia" is an appetising and surprisingly catchy powerhouse of a track, the title tune remains intriguingly unassuming yet promising something excitingly fresh & new. What a mighty, spectacular and eclectic indeed way to get introduced to the planet music! Both tracks alongside "On My Own In Hua Hin" are available on TĀLĀ's debut EP "The Duchess" available for pre-order now on 12" at Aesop. One to watch big time!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


There's a cool summery vibe coming from this delicate slice of R&B. Leo Kalyan is from London and his song "Temptation" has been haunting me for days at this stage. Sublime, beautifully melodic and elegant. A true gem in the ocean of the hugely popular electronic soul scene of today!

Here's a bonus track too, free download of Leo Kalyan's glorious rendition of Tina Moore's UK garage classic "Never Gonna Let You Go" which he cleverly mashed-up with Disclosure's anthem "You & Me":

Monday, April 21, 2014

SHREM'S LIST OBSESSION: Top 20 Tunes I Can't Wait To Hear @ Primavera Sound Festival 2014

Barcelona edition of Primavera Sound Festival takes place between 28-31 May 2014. Similarly to my post last year, here's a song wishlist for this year's festival. Ooooh the anticipation!

20 "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" - Arcade Fire

19 "Digital Witness" - St Vincent

18 "We Are Explorers" - Cut Copy

17 "Black Belt" - John Grant

16 "The Look" - Metronomy

15 "Tous Les Mêmes" - Stromae

14 "Closer" - Nine Inch Nails

13 "Cu Cu Rru Cu Cu Paloma" - Caetano Veloso

12 "Pharaohs" - SBTRKT feat. Roses Gabor

11 "Hearts On Fire" - Cut Copy

10 "Dinner" - Blood Orange

09 "Lies" - CHVRCHES

08 "Everything Is Embarrassing" - Sky Ferreira

07 "Au Seve" - Julio Bashmore

06 "Que Pena (Ela Já Não Gosta Mais De Mim)" - Caetano Veloso & Gal Costa

05 "Water Me" - FKA Twigs

04 "Fancy Footwork" - Chromeo

03 "F For You" - Disclosure feat. Mary J. Blige

02 "Confess To Me" - Disclosure feat. Jessie Ware

01 "Papi Pacify" - FKA Twigs


The emotive "Beautiful People" is the 1st track taken from Lulu James' upcoming EP. Since the release of "Closer", her phenomenal 2013 single, this London based soulful vocalist has been on my careful radar. "Beautiful People" offers a more dramatic take on the electronic soul Lulu James has been pioneering for months at this stage, calling it aptly "21st Century Soul". Lulu James already comes to my mind when I think of the greatest UK female soul singers of the past 2 decades, the likes of Caron Wheeler, Mica Paris, Carleen Anderson, Shara Nelson or more recently Roses Gabor an Jessie Ware. Here's hoping 2014 will also see the release of her first full length album.

Friday, April 18, 2014


It's hard to believe it's been over two years since the release of the enigmatic Evy Jane's self-titled debut EP which included "Sayso" one of our favourite songs in 2012. Now the duo is back with a brand new single "Closer" an amalgamation of dreamy soundscapes, eerie vocal harmonies and intriguingly distorted synthesisers. It is an ethereal beauty accompanied by a subtly neon (if this ever was possible) flavoured video. My latest song addiction big time. "Closer" is a fascinatingly unsettling journey into some of the more mysterious electronic sounds.

And for those who might have perhaps forgotten about the incredible "Sayso" here it is again:

Thursday, April 17, 2014

CHOON OF THE DAY: "UNCLE ACE" - Blood Orange + Kindness Remix feat. Robert Owens

It was a stand-out track on Blood Orange's 2nd LP "Cupid Deluxe" from the very beginning but now the track gets to re-live its fabulousness with this fantastic rendition of the track featuring the legendary house vocalist Robert Owens. There's a delectable a/jus/ted Remix in the package too. What a dream team!

Monday, April 14, 2014


The mesmerising "No Excuse" comes from Jacques Greene's latest offering, a 3-track "Phantom Vibrate" EP out 28th April 2014 via LuckyMe Records. A sublime slice of impassioned electronic soundscapes and elegantly broken beats accompanied by an Yves Klein blue video.


This will be a very lovely thing indeed. My ultimate music heroine Róisín Murphy has prepared something rather special for all of her fans. "Mi Senti" is an all Italian 6-Track EP coming up on May 28th via The Vinyl Factory. A culmination of the ex-Moloko vocalist’s long-running fascination with Italian culture, "Mi Senti" hears Róisín cover five classic Italian pop hits (by Mina, Patty Pravo, Lucio Battisti and Gino Paoli) alongside an original composition "In Sintesi", seven years since her last solo album Overpowered. The first taster of this extraordinary project is a sensual and emotional rendition of  Lucio Battisti's 1976 hit "Ancora Tu". The song feels like a completely new sonic territory for this ever so versatile Irish diva. You can order your copy of the very special, limited edition gatefold double white vinyl version of "Mi Senti" (limited to only 1000 numbered copies worldwide) HERE. I hope my copy is one of the very first 500 of them which will supposedly be signed by La Murphy herself. In the meantime enjoy this truly magnificent musical treat...

Vinyl Tracklisting: 

Side A
Ancora Ancora Ancora

Side B
Pensiero Stupendo
Ancora Tu

Side C
In Sintesi

Side D
Non Credere
La Gatta

And here's the original version of the song:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "TRY ME" - IAMNOBODI feat. Ego Ella May /// "STUPID" [produced by Dornik] - Ego Ella May

I simply adore discovering new musicians, especially if I stumble upon them by complete chance like it was with this very special lady who goes by the rather cool name of Ego Ella May. This London based chanteuse also owns a remarkable, velvet voice full of soul and her vocal acrobatics are both understated and expressive. "Try Me" is Ego Ella May's joint effort with an urban guru IAMNOBODI and it is my latest song obsession spinning on my iTunes on repeat. There's a free download of the track too which is such a treat. While browsing through the artist's Soundcloud, to my delight, I have also come across a song called "Stupid" which was superbly produced by Jessie Ware's collaborator Dornik who stole our hearts twice already with his r&b gems: "Rebound" and "Something About You". Here's Ego Ella May who found a very special fresh spot among my favourite new female singers right next to Fatima and Julia Kwamya from Germans.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


"Paris" - Little Dragon's 2nd single coming from their forthcoming 4th studio album "Nabuma Rubberband" seriously already sounds like one of the greatest songs they have ever recorded! Yukimi Nagano's on top of her vocal game and don't get me started on all of this sensual whispering en français towards the end of this superb track. Between "Paris" and "Klapp Klapp" it's not difficult to imagine "Nabuma Rubberband" being a solid contender for the album of the year...

CHOON OF THE DAY: "2 IS 8" - Lone

This slightly surprising, urban flavoured track is taken from Lone's forthcoming album "Reality Testing" available 16.06.14 on R&S Records. Available on a transparent yellow vinyl among other versions! Apart from "2 is 8" the record will also include Lone's superb tracks "Airglow Fires" and "Begin To Begin" which we've enjoyed immensely last year already. Lone remains one of my absolute favourite producers out there and I simply can't wait to hear "Reality Testing" in its full glory.


01 First Born Seconds
02 Restless City
03 Meeker Warm Energy
04 Aurora Northern Quarter
05 2 Is 8
06 Airglow Fires
07 Coincidences
08 Begin to Begin
09 Jaded
10 Vengeance Video
11 Stuck
12 Cutched Under

Monday, April 7, 2014


I remained rather unimpressed and ambivalent about Florrie until now when I heard the singing model's latest single "Free Falling" for the first time. There's something intriguing and unconventional about the melody of this otherwise unassuming synth-pop number.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Such a wonderfully mellow groove from 1981 by Alicia Myers who had previously been a member of a moderately popular American R&B/Funk group One Way. A tune that is perfect for a lazy sunday afternoon.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Tiombe Lockhart's on fire this year! This uncompromising, truly unique, unrestrained songstress has just dropped another fantastic single following the sensual "Gone" and the kaleidoscopic "Can't Get Enough". "Let U Go" is her significant mélange of styles, rhythms and genres, the kind of sound that made us fall in love with Miss Tiombe in the first place back in the Cubic Zirconia days. The Eben D'Amico produced song is accompanied by an astonishing video balancing on the edge of a vibrant visual feast and kitsch which is exactly what I adore as well. Miss Lockhart can do no wrong it seems.

Friday, April 4, 2014

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "SWEAT" - Stereogamous feat. Shaun J. Right /// "WHEN I LOOK" - Bobmo feat. Shaun J. Right

Double trouble or double pleasure should I say? Shaun J. Wright, the charismatic wonder child of the underground house scene whose velvet vocals never fail to impress me, is back featuring on two excellent dance records. The fervently sexy "Sweat" is another fruitful joint effort between the ex-Hercules & Love Affair singer and his musical brothers from Australia - Stereogamous. The 3 of them have already met before and released the stupendous "Face Love Anew" (#13 among Top 100 Best Tracks in 2012) which was accompanied by a stream of phenomenal remixes from the likes of The Miracles Club, Kim Ann Foxman and Horse Meat Disco. "Sweat" is released now on Beatport via the iconic House label Tribal.

The second track is an equally enjoyable dancefloor feast for all the house music lovers out there. ""When I Look" is classic vocal house with a twist of tension and despair. This is Chicago-styled, summer-ready dance music with high production values, yet it also slightly sounds like something’s going wrong in there. Just the perfect balance between an uplifting celebration and a restless, dark pounding." That's what we read in the official press release of this surprising collaboration which sort of came out of nowhere last week. Out now on Beatport via Marble.

What a rapturous week for all the Shaun J. Wright devotees like myself. GET IT!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Crème de la crème: MARCH 2014

20 (N) "Eden" - Gent Mason

19 (8) "Busy Earnin'" - Jungle

18 (3) "Sålka Gets Her Hopes Up" - Yumi Zouma

17 (N) "Say No More" - Subb-an feat. S.Y.F.

16 (N) "64 Ways" - Detroit Swindle feat. Mayer Hawthorne

15 (N) "Double Bubble Trouble" - M.I.A.

14 (N) "Blue Eyes" - Katy B

13 (N) "The Talking Fish (Asem Usem Iyak)" - Ibibio Sound Machine

12 (N) "Fountain" - iamamiwhoami

11 (9) "Hideaway" - Kiesza

10 (N) "To Lose" - Oceaán

09 (2) "Leviathan (Do It Yourself)" - Freeform Five feat. Róisín Murphy

08 (N) "Liberty" [feat. John Grant] + "Do You Feel The Same?" [feat. Gustaph] - Hercules & Love Affair

07 (N) "If It Wasn't True" - Shamir

06 (N) "Boom" - Le1f

05 (N) "Good Enough To Keep" - Tensnake feat. Nile Rodgers & Fiora

04 (N) "I Was Gonna Cancel" - Kylie Minogue

03 (N) "Crossfade" - Gus Gus

02 (1) "Curtain Call" - Steed Lord

01 (N) "All Mine" - Exotica


Danish duo Kill J who mesmerised us last year with their breathtakingly handsome debut single "Phoenix" are back with a rather peculiar song #2. The single will be available on a limited run of 7" and digitally on 7th April via Chess Club Records. Here's the genre-bending "Bullet" with a powerful message behind. "This song is dedicated to the victims of other peoples bullshit convictions. People who act sinful, hateful and ungodly in the name of their God." Copenhagen's finest!