Tuesday, April 8, 2014

CHOON OF THE DAY: "2 IS 8" - Lone

This slightly surprising, urban flavoured track is taken from Lone's forthcoming album "Reality Testing" available 16.06.14 on R&S Records. Available on a transparent yellow vinyl among other versions! Apart from "2 is 8" the record will also include Lone's superb tracks "Airglow Fires" and "Begin To Begin" which we've enjoyed immensely last year already. Lone remains one of my absolute favourite producers out there and I simply can't wait to hear "Reality Testing" in its full glory.


01 First Born Seconds
02 Restless City
03 Meeker Warm Energy
04 Aurora Northern Quarter
05 2 Is 8
06 Airglow Fires
07 Coincidences
08 Begin to Begin
09 Jaded
10 Vengeance Video
11 Stuck
12 Cutched Under