Thursday, April 10, 2014

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "TRY ME" - IAMNOBODI feat. Ego Ella May /// "STUPID" [produced by Dornik] - Ego Ella May

I simply adore discovering new musicians, especially if I stumble upon them by complete chance like it was with this very special lady who goes by the rather cool name of Ego Ella May. This London based chanteuse also owns a remarkable, velvet voice full of soul and her vocal acrobatics are both understated and expressive. "Try Me" is Ego Ella May's joint effort with an urban guru IAMNOBODI and it is my latest song obsession spinning on my iTunes on repeat. There's a free download of the track too which is such a treat. While browsing through the artist's Soundcloud, to my delight, I have also come across a song called "Stupid" which was superbly produced by Jessie Ware's collaborator Dornik who stole our hearts twice already with his r&b gems: "Rebound" and "Something About You". Here's Ego Ella May who found a very special fresh spot among my favourite new female singers right next to Fatima and Julia Kwamya from Germans.