Thursday, February 28, 2019

SHREM'S FUTURE ANTHEMS: "NOBODY'S FOOL" - Cherushii & Maria Minerva + "S/T" EP

The marvellous and instantly captivating "Nobody's Fool" is one of 7 collaborative tracks between the Estonian avant-garde electronic musician Maria Minerva and her partner in "leftfield house" crime San Francisco underground club producer Cherushii who was one of the tragic victims of the 2016 Oakland Ghost Ship warehouse fire...  One can't help but listen to this exquisite EP with a sense of deep sadness and nostalgia in spite of its songs balancing blissfully between dancefloor-friendly territories of synth-pop, deep house and house. It's a legacy of Cherushii's undeniable creativity and a testimony to the beautiful friendship and artistic partnership between the pair. The vocal version of "Nobody's Fool" is a true explosion of beats, samples and vocal hooks, echoing some sweet early 90's Deee-Lite vibes. Quite possibly the greatest track I have heard so far in 2019... 

"After two years of working to finish the project amid a difficult grieving process, Minerva releases her album with Cherushii via 100% Silk on Feb. 15. Titled S/T, it offers a glimpse into the new, exalted house-pop direction Cherushii was reaching for before her passing." we read in the official press release. 

"S/T" is out now on all digital outlets as well as on 12" via Bandcamp

Here are some of my other favourite tracks from Cherushii's vast back catalogue of underground gems:

Monday, February 18, 2019


Photo by Heji Shin

No better moment to revisit Robyn's entire back catalogue when she's releasing her brand new exquisite video for "Send to Robin Immediately" from my 2018 Album of the Year - "Honey". The video for the Lil Louis' "French Kiss"- sampling track was directed by Max Vitali.

20 "Be Mine! (Wasted Youth Mix)" (2008)

19 "Call Your Girlfriend" (2011)

18 "None Of Dem" [with Röyksopp] (2010)

17 "Love Is Free" [with La Bagatelle Magique and Maluca] (2015)

16 "Because It's in the Music" (2018)

15 "Do It Again" [with Röyksopp] (2014)

14 "Who's That Girl" (2008)

13 "Hang With Me" (2010)

12 "Ever Again" (2018)

11 "We Dance To The Beat" (2010)

10 "Love Kills" (2010)

9 "Indestructible" (2010)

8 "Dancing On My Own" (2010)

7 "Between the Lines" (2018)

6 "Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do" (2010)

5 "Honey" (2018)

4 "The Girl And The Robot" [with Röyksopp] (2009)

3 "Stars 4-Ever" (2010)

2 "With Every Heartbeat" [with Kleerup] (2007)

1 "Monument" [with Röyksopp] (2014)

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Crème de la Shrem: TOP 25 BEST OF JANUARY 2019

Exclusive artwork: Les Cullinan Designs

25 (N) "It's All About You" - MUNYA (Luminelle Recordings)

24 (N) "Daddy" - Lafawndah (CONCORDIA)

23 (N) "Hello Happiness" - Chaka Khan (Diary Records/Island)

22 (N) "I'm Not In Love" - Kelsey Lu (Columbia Records)

21 (N) "Corine" - Corine (Kwaidan)

20 (N) "I Don't Care" - 박혜진 park hye jin (

19 (N) "A Day Without You" - Cherushii & Maria Minerva (100% Silk)

18 (N) "A No No" - Mariah Carey (Epic Records)

17 (N) "Brasiliko" - Kapote (Toy Tonics)

16 (N) "Ordinary Pleasure" - Toro Y Moi (Carpark Records)

15 (N) "One Night In Paris" - Josh Caffe (International DeeJay Gigolo)

14 (N) "Let's Go Dancing" - Horse Meat Disco feat. Amy Douglas (Glitterbox)

13 (N) "Cherry On Top" - Lou Hayter (self-released)

12 (N) "Casio" - Jungle (XL Recordings)

11 (N) "Tell Me (Doko Mien)" - Ibibio Sound Machine (Merge Records)

10 (N) "Ever Again" - Robyn (Konichiwa Records)

9 (N) "Birdsong" - Rosie Lowe (Wolfe Tone)

8 (N) "Barefoot in the Park" - James Blake feat. ROSALÍA (Polydor)

7 (N) "Wounded" - VEE 303 (self-released)

6 (1) "The Rumble" - Róisín Murphy (The Vinyl Factory)

5 (N) "Gots to Give the Girl" - unperfect (XENOMANIA)

4 (N) "Naked City" - Glass Candy (Italians Do It Better)

3 (N) "High Lights" - Charlotte Adigéry (DEEWEE)

2 (N) "LA" - Boy Harsher (NUDE CLUB)

1 (N) "Incapable" - Crooked Man feat. Róisín Murphy (Bitter End)

Saturday, February 2, 2019


Last time I was THIS excited about a new girl band was when Sugababes' dropped their magnificent debut single "Overload" back in 2000... Well maybe once more when I heard "(H)Ours" by Juce 3 years ago. Any information about this up & coming quartet is scarce at the minute but what we know is that Unperfect have just released one of the most sophisticated, effortlessly cool pop singles I've heard in months. A mélange of genres, surprising choice of instruments and delectably subtle 90's echoes make "Gots to Give the Girl" such an instantly appealing, somewhat familiar and immediately catchy groove. On top of the sleek production, these girls can also sing! I'm gonna keep an eye on Soipan, Chloe, Tiah and Siobhan as I sense big things just around the corner.

And here are the songs by Sugababes and Juce I mentioned above: