Monday, November 17, 2014


Have you ever heard of Interplanetary Bass? Alo Wala is a new multi-vibrant dance act created by individuals from Chicago, Copenhagen and Stavanger. Their ebullient hybrid of Bollywood, dancehall, global beats, ragga and urban vibes is genuinely quirky and instantly appealing. "Cityboy" lies somewhere between Linkoban, M.I.A. and Buraka Som Sistema. An immediate winner.

"ALO WALA is the sound of a new Europe, a new world, and a new way of thinking about one another as belonging to an interconnected global society. Today in a time when dancehall and hip hop informed culture has taken hold worldwide, local club DJs, multi-lingual rappers and bedroom producers are coming into their own and becoming leaders of a new generation. ALO WALA is poised to step out as one of the bright lights of this movement." - we read on their official Facebook page. The 5-track EP is out now via Enchufada and the luminous video was directed by Jamil GS.