Friday, January 31, 2014


And so the wait is over. Icelandic synth-pop trio Steed Lord, the band I have been persistently obsessed for the past few years, have just dropped the first single announcing the release of "The Prophecy part 2" a follow-up to the exuberant nu disco journey that was its predecessor back in 2012. "Curtain Call" electrifies with their idiosyncratic electronic sound, retro-meets-future production, vocoder galore and their very own recipe for some of POP music's most endearing melodies. "Curtain Call" is a shiver-inducing electro pop symphony which blows away with the same vitality as their previous efforts "Emotional Machinery", "Bed Of Needles", "Hear Me Now" or "Ghost Of Sky" to name just a few. Kali, Eddie and Mega really make the most beautiful sounds out there, don't they?