Monday, January 2, 2012


20 "White Horse" - Jessica 6 - a worldwide number 1 in an imaginary ideal world, instead randomly a smash hit in Greece and one of 2011 best pop singles

19 "Voodoo Love" - Jadoo feat. Hard Ton - self proclaimed XXL disco diva of the XXI Century a.k.a. Dis-Grace Jones - Mr Hard Ton was behind a whole bunch of excellent dance records this year 2 of which found their spot in my top 20 here. Nu Italo disco super power!
Jadoo feat. Hard Ton - Voodoo Love by DANNY Was a Drag King

18 "Lost In Time" - Azari & III - been praising them since 2010 (check out the number one tune of that year HERE!) but 2012 will hopefully bring them deservedly to a wider audience as I will say it again they are the best house project out there at the moment... "Lost in Time" = pure energy on record and on stage!

17 "Crystalline" - Björk - the sweetest cacophony Icelandic style with a drill'n'bass wall of sound at the end, one of Björk's strongest singles (along with "Declare Independence") since "Vespertine"

16 "Lonely Sea (Ecstasy Mix)" - Alexis Blair Penney - not less than 3 fantastic house records from Ecstasy in my top 20 of 2011, looks like they were my label of the year, I praise my precious limited copy of Alexis' cult "Lonely Sea" on a lipstick kissed 7" a lot, it's my boyfriend's song of the year too!

15 "Sensitivity" - Champion & Ruby Lee Ryder - UK Funky stomper with an utterly irresistible chorus, delicious beats and sublime vocals
Champion - Sensitivity featuring Ruby Lee Ryder by soul2streets

14 "Nap On The Bow" - New Look - and the best newcomer of the year goes to New Look, this esoteric piece of electronica gives me goosebumps each time

13 "Let's Go" - FCL - it really was a phenomenal year in house music, I danced my socks off to this one on numerous occasions
FCL - Let's Go by savicth

12 "I Can't Help It" - The Miracles Club - Ecstasy Records again, probably the newest track in the entire top 100, sometimes the most delicious things are served as desserts... Vintage house galore! J'adorrrrre...
The Miracles Club - I Can't Help It by Rec Room

11 "Arabian Horse" - Gus Gus - so so good to hear Miss Earth back with Gus Gus again, all 3 tracks for "Arabian Horse" she recorded sound as anthemic as "David"!