Saturday, January 14, 2012


Two of the bunch of the most promising music acts for 2012 have just come up with brand new singles. A newly signed 4AD treasure Miss Grimes, originally from Mexico City, has just released one of this year's first stunning singles. I wonder will I be including this astonishing piece of work 12 months from today compiling the most magical music moments of the year... "Genesis" is a truly exquisite sonic journey. Following that we have the enigmatic Austra from Toronto and their peculiar take-on electro and witch house. Even if not as charismatic as "Beat and the Pulse" it still is a compelling and incomparable piece of music. Both Grimes and Austra along with Lana Del Rey, Azealia Banks and CREEP are tipped to be the conquerors of the alternative music scene of 2012. Time will tell...

Grimes - Genesis by factmag