Wednesday, January 8, 2014

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "FLOWERS" - bEEdEEgEE Feat. Lovefoxxx /// "WARNI WARNI (bEEdEEgEE Remix)" - Omar Souleyman

It makes perfect sense that Gang Gang Dance's bEEdEEgEE's solo debut would come out via the genre-bending 4AD. The first single "Flowers", featuring Lovefoxxx from CSS, sounds like a perfect bridge between the 1980's new wave sounds à la the label's cult duo Cocteau Twins and the ever-so-current twisted synth-pop scene the likes of Purity Ring or Grimes.  "SUM/ONE" is out now and it also includes Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor among other rather special guests. The enigmatic bEEdEEgEE is also responsible for one of my favourite remixes in 2013 for Omar Souleyman's "Warni Warni" bringing his distinctive Syrian disco sound to completely new sonic dimensions. Check out the rest of my Top 20 Best Remixes of 2013 list HERE!

Omar Souleyman - Warni Warni (bEEdEEgEE remix) by Omar Souleyman