Monday, November 11, 2013

SHREM'S LATE MONDAY NIGHT SESSIONS: "BIZARRE" + "GIDDY" [feat. Gonjasufi] - Perera Elsewhere

Introducing one more very intriguing, mysterious, impossible to classify songstress to you this year. A genuinely quirky Perera Elsewhere invites you to her fascinating planet of eclectic (and electric!) soundscapes on her fabulously twisted and theatrical debut album "Everlast" out now via Friends Of Friends. From acoustic to electronic, from folk to trip-hop, from blues to abstract, from bizarre to even more bizarre, that's one album those on the hunt for avant-garde pop and innovative production won't be disappointed with. Uncompromising and enthralling, a really exciting new adventure for Perera, away from her club-heavy days with Jahcoozi.