Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crème de la crème: NOVEMBER 2011

20 (N) - "Snakes" - Shannon Funchess & Ford & Lopatin - Very very Grace Jones, this month's most unique of all singles without a doubt:

Shannon Funchess / Ford & Lopatin - Snakes by Mexican Summer

19 (N) - "I Saw Her, I Fell For Her" - Zahed Sultan - more dubby electronica from Kuwait, recently introduced to a wider audience thanks to Monsieur Pompougnac's cult "Hôtel Costes"

18 (7) -
"Someone's Watching Me" - Midnight Magic

17 (4) - "Nap on the Bow" - New Look - 3rd month in a row among the creamiest tunes on my carousel it's shaping to be one of this year's greatest songs

16 (N) - "Heart Strings" - Royalty - highly hypnotic piece of instrumental electro

15 (N) - "Cherry Nights" - Cubic Zirconia feat. Coltrane - as uncompromising as you might expect from this one of a kind crew, Tiombe Lockhart at top of the vocal game here!

Cubic Zirconia - Cherry Nights f. Coultrane by foolsgoldrecs

14 (N) - "How Come You Never Go There (Clock Opera Remix)" - Feist - Clock Opera did it again or outdid it again more so, since yet another of their astonishing remixes beats the hell out of the original song, in this case Feist's latest single from her ultra "yawnable" 4th album, heard it first thanks to brilliant NoSnobsAllowed

Feist - How Come You Never Go There? (Clock Opera Remix) by clockopera

13 (N) - "Vanguardian" - Steed Lord - and so the slightly delayed Icelandic saga continues, re-discovering their last year effort "Heart II Heart" was such a pleasure for my ears all through 2011...

12 (N) - "Deep Inside" - Gus Gus - 3 tracks from Iceland on my chart this month! This is the long anticipated new single from their phenomenal "Arabian Horse"

11 (RE) - "Echoes" - Washed Out - aaaand back in top 20 again... Here's a remix you might have not heard yet:

Washed Out - Echoes (Little Star Dweller Remix) by Little Star Dweller

10 (N) - "Temperature Rising" - Brenmar - fantastic dance record with a fantastic "blast from the past" video
09 (N) - "Take Me There" - Scratch Massive feat. Jimmy Sommerville - one of the biggest surprises this month, Mr Sommerville's falsetto hasn't lost any of its charm or spectacularity since Bronski Beat's hey days! It's like the 1980's never ended, top tune!
08 (N) - "(We Stay) Up All Night" - Buraka Som Sistema feat. Blaya & Roses Gabor - Portugal's prime ambassadors of Angolian kuduro, dancehall and electronica grooves - intense, super-energetic and sizzling hott!

07 (N) - "Little Man" - Little Dragon
- this sounded massive when I was lucky to admire Yukimi Nagano & the boys
live on stage last week

Little Man (Radio Edit) by Peacefrog Records
06 (N) - "Shake" - Little Boots
- never before that I was remotely interested in Miss Little Boots until now and the immaculate Simian Mobile Disco production on this pure dancefloor anthem, this month's most liked post on my nerdy carousel, now also available remixed by our favourite Azari & III:

Little Boots - Shake (Azari & III remix) by LittleBoots

05 (1) - "Arabian Horse" - Gus Gus

04 (2) -
"Voodoo Love" - Jadoo & Hard Ton
03 (N) - "Love On Top" - Beyoncé - well Miss Knowles surprised me immensely with this 90's flavoured R'N'B gem and its 5 (!!!) key changes, the VMA performance blew me away too, one of her finest solo singles to date!

02 (N) - "Caméleon Chameleon (Club Remix)" - Escort - Modern disco instant classic, like pretty much anything that this colourful ensemble released so far, their debut album is out now and it's sinfully good, some of the funkiest tunes you'll hear all year!

01 (3) -
"Drop Me a Line" - Midnight Magic - this explosion of irresistible beats, juicy riffs and Miss Tiffany Roth's (groove is in HER heart now!) cutting edge vocals is a pure bliss! Seriously addictive!!! Play this funky music loud baby!

MIDNIGHT MAGIC DROP ME A LINE by permanent vacation