Sunday, November 10, 2013


Jessie Ware's epic debut album "Devotion" initiated an invasion of neo soul Female singers to emerge from the UK. An avalanche of very talented and innovative songstresses the likes of Lulu James, Banks, Roses Gabor or FKA Twigs followed, twisting the definition of modern R&B in any possible way. The list of the artists expands now with Rosie Lowe and her exquisite, sublime and understated "Right Thing" announcing the release of her debut EP on 3rd December via 37 Adventures. Then there's MOKO, whom I have been praising once already back in March with the arrival of her "Summon the Strength", now also included alongside "Freeze" on her debut EP "Black". Both releases confirm 2013 was the year of futuristic soundscapes of electronic R&B and I wouldn't mind at all if we kept it that way for another year.