Sunday, March 2, 2014

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "SWEDISH KISS" (Johan Agebjörn Remix of Russian Kiss) /// "NORWEGIAN KISS" (Skatebård Remix Of Russian Kiss) - Annie feat. Bjarne Melgaard

Do you remember Annie's "Russian Kiss" electro protest song released in order to show support to the oppressed LGBT community in Russia in a globally vital moment of the international exposure of the Sochi games? Well the political dance continues with these two fantastic remixes of the track coming from Johan Agebjörn, one half of our favourite Swedish duo Sally Shapiro and Annie's compatriot Skatebård. Agebjörn's Italo rendition of the song I would dare to say is even better than the Richard X produced original version featuring Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard. Shake your fist for the Russian kiss one more time and show your love for the lovers, the others, the fighters, outsiders, people like you! From Sweden and Norway with love