Thursday, March 20, 2014

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "BOOM" /// "WUT" [Live at David Letterman] - Le1f

We're entering the ever so trendy Queer Hip-Hop zone now with one of its most prolific pioneers, the flamboyant Le1f. With his phenomenal debut single "Wut" which at this stage enjoys a cult status among all the urban musos, Le1f launched his fruitful career that now includes 3 critically acclaimed breakthrough mixtapes ("Dark York", "Fly Zone" and "Tree House"), countless collaborations with the most progressive producers and now also a big indie label debut "Hey" EP which was just released via Terrible Records. "Boom" is probably Le1f's most accomplished track to date since "Wut" and his awe-inspiring joint effort with Boody "Soda". The track was produced by Dubbel Dutch. The now legendary "Wut" is present here too and was Khalif Diouf's TV live debut when the incredible rapper performed it accompanied by Blood Orange live at David Letterman last week, looking and sounding fierce as always. I am such a fan!