Monday, March 10, 2014


Two oddball alternative pop chanteuses and their two new videos. Joint here together due to the unclassifiable nature of these two songs, blending countless genres and styles and the red colour dominating both clips. Zhala is a Robyn protégée recently becoming the first artist to be signed to the Swedish Pop Queen's label Konichiwa Records. This is what Robyn herself had to say about Zhala: "Zhala makes the most interesting music that takes you on a ride with each song. It's so broad and has so much integrity at the same time. When Zhala sings the heavens open and the stars come down to hover over my head and I feel like anything is possible. I'm so happy to be a part of taking her music to a new audience!". "Prophet EP" is out now and both singers performed the title track at last month's Swedish Grammis. And what an extraordinary performance that was!!! As for RIINA, or Rina Sawayama as she was formerly known as, "Terror" comes as a follow-up single to her breathtakingly beautiful "Sleeping In Waking" and is also out now!