Tuesday, August 9, 2016

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "DRUGS" - FaltyDL feat. Rosie Lowe /// "HIDE IN" - NTEIBINT feat. Σtella

I have selected two completely different collaborations for you today. In both cases though we deal with producers and vocalists I have been blogging about in the past but never in these combinations.

Drew Cyrus Lustman better known as FaltyDL combines musical talents with UK prime neo soul diva Miss Rosie Lowe for the release of the curious "Drugs", a track which electrifies with its unnervingly chopped beats and dense production. The single's out tomorrow via Blueberry Records.

New Greek synth-pop forces united! Eskimo Recordings bring out "Hide In" a joint effort between NTEIBINT and Σtella. The pair collaborated before on a few occasions with the most delectable "The Owner" this time last year. Strong classic Pop melody, distinctive vocals and Gus Gus-esque production turn this slow-burner into a fully captivating moment. "Hide In" EP is out now with remixes by Ewan Pearson and Zombies in Miami.