Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Danish singer songwriter Thomas Gaist (formerly known as Thom Catt) returns with the unnervingly haunting "Worries". We're setting off on a sonic expedition here with a wall of electronic sounds, layers of dark synths and a bizarre mélange of subtle vocal reminiscences, from The Blind Boys of Alabama, through D'Angelo to James Blake! With all of this, it's still a completely one of a kind journey embellished with yet another impeccable melody from this extremely talented modern style crooner. Following the phenomenal "A Cowards Confession" and the mysterious "Forest Roadside", "Worries" proves again Thomas Gaist to be one of the most interesting artists of the European continent right now, regardless of how low-key and DIY his presence may be. The fittingly unsettling video was produced by Anton Iversen. And if you want to hear some more, this homemade video on Gaist's official Facebook page sums up pretty accurately the quiet genius that he already is. Astonishing.

Worries - Thomas Gaist from Anton Iversen on Vimeo.