Sunday, March 6, 2016

CHOON OF THE DAY: "NEST" - Rainbow Chan

Summer 2013. I became instantly enraptured the very first time I stumbled upon Rainbow Chan and her wondrously oddball slice of dream pop "Skinny Dipping". My first impression of Chan's music was that it sat somewhere comfortably between the sounds of Dirty Projectors, Stereolab, Pizzicato 5 and Metronomy. A rather vibrant sonic cocktail wouldn't you agree? Now this classically trained, quirky, Sydney-based, Hong-Kongese songstress returns with a delectably multi-layered synth-pop moment, beguiling its listeners with her signature off-centred melody, kooky production and striking references to early Japanese electronica and modern R'N'B hooks. Some gentle Solange reminiscences too perhaps? Pure Pop Perfection for those who, like myself, are bored to death with the genre's generic mundanity nowadays.