Wednesday, June 25, 2014

SHREM'S NEWBIES BUT TO-BE'S: "l’été EP" - Musique Le Pop

It's such a pleasure to introduce brand new promising musical acts at the very beginning of their artistic paths. I have just discovered a Norwegian trio called Musique Le Pop whose very own sweet synth-pop sound with a tropical twist is right up my alley. Their self-defined lo-fi-licious summer disco EP aptly called "l’été" is all things hedonistic, light-hearted and effervescent in a magical aura of Casio, sunshine and glamorous kitsch. This jolly selection of summery songs is out now via Cafe Superstar Recordings, an independent label based in their homeland, Norway. Musique Le Pop are yet another delightful band to keep an eye on from the land of the midnight sun, the fjords and an exceptional amount of quality synth-pop, dance & electronica music of the past few years. Oh yeah and they made a track called "Mateo" which is the name of my beloved nephew, an additional sentimental reason for me to fall for them almost instantly. Check the video for "Mateo" and the rest of the EP below: