Friday, June 20, 2014


What an exciting time for Icelandic music. The Museum of Modern Art in New York has announced a special Björk exhibition for next year! It will feature a retrospective with a new commissioned piece, plus brand-new never-seen-before stuff. The electronica legends Gus Gus are about to drop their 7th studio album "Mexico" next week. On top of all that the ultra-fabulous trio Steed Lord are teasing us with single #2 announcing the arrival of their new album "The Prophecy pt. 2". "Anymore" is an enormously enjoyable dance number that follows its slightly moodier predecessor "Curtain Call" with identical brilliance. It's impossibly catchy, Kali's on top of her vocal game and it has an official warning attached to the release "Might cause rhythmical body movements!". A future anthem indeed, I cannot wait to play it loud and joyfully at my festival debut at Body & Soul tomorrow on the Reckless In Love stage at 4pm. Buy it now from Steed Lord's online shop HERE!