Thursday, May 1, 2014

SHREM'S LIST OBSESSION: Top 5 "Kampest" Tracks by Kamp!

On the glorious occasion of Kamp! - Poland's #1 electro/indie act playing a gig here in Dublin for the first time I decided to go over their entire catalogue so far and cherry-pick the juiciest of their tracks to date. This Polish export are arguably one of the most successful groups to emerge from Poland on the electronic scene. Having conquered their native country, they have amassed a niche European fan base with their synth pop and nebulous vocals adding a new age dimension to retro disco. Reminiscent of summer night raves and hypnotic vibes, Kamp! are expected to play a debut sell-out gig at Button Factory on 9th May. For more info on the event please check out the official Facebook event for the concert HERE or buy your tickets directly at



#3 "PATCHWORK (Kamp! Remix)" - Appaloosa

#2 "CAIRO"

#1 "MELT"