Thursday, May 22, 2014


The never predictable and always fascinating Róisín Murphy is adding a very special item to her vibrant discography. An Italian language EP "Mi Senti" is out next week via The Vinyl Factory. Now you can stream "Mi Senti" in its full glory, an exquisite musical delicacy of the most refined kind. "Ancora Ancora Ancora" must be one of Róisín's most astonishing vocal performances to date, "Non Credere" just had me on the edge of tears with its alluring production and "In Sintesi", which I have already sung praises of, the only original material on the EP, drifts intriguingly between the retro worlds of space disco and underground Italo disco. There's an incredible interview with La Murphy on Vinyl Factory's official website which simply is a must-read for all the admirers of her extraordinary talent, like myself. She is back guys! And properly back this time around!

Have you also noticed Róisín Murphy's freshly opened Instagram account yet?