Sunday, May 25, 2014


The moments I manage to invite artists I admire the most to contribute something special and exclusive for my blog I cherish immensely. It's been a while since Sally Shapiro's Italo Disco-meets-Rave Party playlist back in November so I am even more delighted to present to you another "Perfect Party Playlist" compiled especially for SHREM'S CAROUSEL OF ÜBER NERDINESS. I first came across the enigmatic Poisonous Relationship on ECSTASY website, an underground house record label which is responsible for releasing some of the most stunning and unique dance records of the past few years the likes of "Light of Love" by The Miracles Club, "Lonely Sea" by Alexis Penney or "Elevate" by Finesse.

Poisonous Relationship is a velvet voiced artist, singer and writer named Jamie Crewe based in Glasgow. A man of many artistic talents whose sounds float between the planets of future R&B, house and electronica. This Sheffield born multi-gifted, self-proclaimed "hysterical songwriter" sings, produces, composes, remixes and revamps music (that Kelela rendition is out of this world!!!) quite like nobody else does. I have chosen Poisonous Relationship as one of Top 10 Hottest Newcomers in 2013 (even though it seems he's been busy making music for a few years at this stage) while his epic 10 minute long track "Men's Feelings" ended up at #6 in my annual countdown of Top 100 Best Tracks of the year. It is a real honour and joy to have you as a guest on my blog Jamie! Please enjoy Poisonous Relationship's colourful selection of 90's R&B, UK Soul Divas, rare remixes and house anthems accompanied by his poetic commentaries.



PERFECT PARTY PLAYLIST by Poisonous Relationship:

1. "I Adore You (Club House Mix)" - Caron Wheeler

That clipped piano rolled up
Unwheel to turn r'n'b into a perfect house
Wafted basement into dawn tang

2. "Two In A Million (Two In A Million (Driza Bone Album Mix)" - Mica Paris 

Zips and velcro/vibraphone and tambourine
She's London but leafy
Long form ringlets, honey-throat

3. "Zami Girl (The 7" Mix By Jimmy Harry)" - Adele Bertei

"disobey, destroy, subvert"
Thunderous spondee
Regrettable patois

4. "The Way You Love Me (Simp-House 7" Mix)" - Karyn White

Weaponised rasps and yelps of a slim dancer
Thermal jets iridesce before a backline of clangs
Incalculably charming

5. "I Thank You (Original Club Mix)" - Adeva

Big-shouldered and plaintive
A roll of toms sweetly delivered
Generous checkerboard

6. "Ain't Nuthin' In The World" - Miki Howard

Hard and glassy swing and a chorus that dips its head
Like a caress, or a velvet smell
She's having fun with that last note

7. "Krazy" - Blackgirl

Those swells of wide-plain strings, that leaping square wave growl
Sun spangle on maybe broken glass?
Full-voiced and grown and ambivalent

8. "R. M. A. (Will U Remember Me)" - 7669

Sharp and sweet double exposures from a bad block
Always ouch at 'and I doubt I'll ever find another guy like you'
This damn band

9. "I Don't Mind" - Sista

V. early Missy and Timbaland, circa Swing Mob days
125th St. and above teen love teas, tough nectar
'uh uh uh uh - knock my boots'

10. "I Will Survive" - Chantay Savage

Soft unfolding of heaven's cloud
Piquant and wounded, joy hard won
A mini-Jeep and a haircut