Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I've already been covering La Murphy's upcoming Italian EP while we were teased for the first time with "Ancora Tu" here, but we are now being treated to a second portion of this extraordinary release. This time around, The Vinyl Factory, shared "In Sintesi" which is the only original composition on Róisín Murphy's "Mi Senti EP". This twisted Italo disco odyssey will haunt you for days with its vintage space disco production, the Irish chanteuse's multi-layered and sensual vocal harmonies and whispers, ethereal melody and its eerie atmosphere. A truly hypnotising masterpiece for all the former Moloko singer's devotees.

Here's what Róisín herself had to say about "In Sintesi" as we read on her brand new website:

“In Sintesi came together very quickly and I think we all enjoyed the freedom of creating from scratch our own thing, after the weeks of work involved in getting the cover versions close to something we could be proud of. Knowing one's own recorded version has to stand up against the great music you are covering is a pressure you don't have when you write. It started like this: "Sebi, how do you say 'in synthesis'?".