Monday, April 18, 2016


Brooklyn record label Color Station continues to spoil us with exquisite releases. Following Akiine's enchanting "Neptune" EP they are offering "Young Blood" - a brand new, mesmerising single from Manchester's synth-pop superduo, Gymnast. The syncopated, dreamy soundscapes of "Young Blood" are the first listen from the band's forthcoming untitled EP, "a collection of songs shaped by the concept of liminality, the transition from one state of affairs to another — where no one is in control" as we read in the official press release. The richly produced layers of atmospheric synths, the subtle beats, the surprising mood and melody twists make the track an intriguing journey. I am curious to see what the artistic future may hold for this talented pair and I predict another stellar, non-cliché collection of ambitious Pop released under Color Station's vibrant umbrella of sounds.