Wednesday, April 20, 2016


If I were to name the times Róisín Murphy went creatively off the beaten track, experimented with blending genres, styles and moods to create her very own wicked sonic fusions, or surprised audiences by releasing new music in complete opposition to what's expected of her, I would have to list most of her impressive repertoire to date. Expect the unexpected was always wise advice for all the Murphy devotees through the past 2 decades of her artistic activity. That's precisely how, aside from her natural charisma, the Irish chanteuse has remained a cult figure to this day.

Following a monumental Hairless Toys themed year, La Murphy is ready to drop her 4th solo (8th if we count Moloko's 4 records) studio album called "Take Her Up To Monto!" paying particular hommage to her home country, Ireland, with its title. "Mastermind" - the first teaser from the new material, unveiled yesterday on Pitchfork, is a further exploration of her avant-garde nature. This epic electro symphony begins with some subtle Moroderesque motives, reminiscent of his disco escapades, and fades away with a full on, uncompromising techno wall of sound, quasi-tribal beats and indigenous chants. Yet the track could not belong to anyone else. "Mastermind" electrifies with some classic Róisín Murphy vocal moments, ever-changing melody twists and mind-altering production from the wizard of all sounds bizarre and eclectic Mr Eddie Stevens himself.

It's rather challenging to write about someone I have already blogged about 110 times, someone whose career I have passionately followed for the past 20 years, without sounding biased. "Mastermind", however, promises another extravagant aural excursion from one of the planet's most unique artists. Never predictable, always reliable. Like Bowie or Grace Jones, Róisín Murphy continuously pushes the boundaries of POP music, redefines, revamps and restructures genres and successfully escapes banality, sadly so omnipresent on the current POP scene. Revolutionary. Completely unparalleled. Naturally eccentric.

You can download the unputdownable "Mastermind" immediately once you pre-order your copy of #THUTM on either CD, Vinyl or digitally on iTunes. The album is out on 8th July 2016 via Play It Again Sam.