Sunday, January 31, 2016

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "IN MY GARDEN" - Invisible Cities /// "THE HARDEST THING TO DO" -Tony Primo & Nixxie

There were two rather low-key, surprising releases last year where 2 female artists I cherish immensely, got involved in mysterious, collaborative efforts under disguises.

Róisín Murphy provided breathy, sensual vocals for "In The Garden" released by Luca C & Brigante's side project  Invisible Cities. The sublime deep house track leaves the Irish chanteuse uncredited making it a particularly attractive addition to every Róisín Murphy completist's collection.

"The Hardest Thing To Do" was recorded for Ariel Kleiman's debut feature film "Partisan". This 1980's flavoured synth-pop jewel is a joint effort between Joseph Mount from Metronomy and Robyn under the alias Tony Primo & Nixxie. Nostalgic and wonderfully catchy the song sounds like a genuine, lost classic from the era.

Two hidden gems.

Here's "The Hardest Thing To Do" as used in "Partisan":