Sunday, October 19, 2014


Electro funk, freestyle and 80's R&B at its most uncannily retro! Melbourne’s cosmic-funk revivalists and their soundtrack to eternal leisure, as GL introduce themselves on their official Facebook page, is a dream come true for all of you who crave those sweet 80's rare grooves as ravenously as me. The Australian duo's freshly released self-titled EP brings the ever-present fashion for 80's music to its peak with its irresistible melodies reminiscent of those flavoursome Janet Jackson, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam and D'Train gems from back in the day. Passed on to me by my muso-friend Pyrotek from No Snobs Allowed, GL enter a high spot on my personal lists of the ones to watch in the upcoming months. Here's the impossibly delicious "Take Me Back" for an appetiser before you get that 12" into your basket.