Wednesday, October 22, 2014

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "HYPNOTIC DANCE (Nicholas Remix)" - Kim Ann Foxman /// "PLEASURE PRINCIPLE" - Lauren Flax feat. Kim Ann Foxman

Kim Ann Foxman, the wonder child of the underground house scene, is certainly keeping herself and her fanbase busy. The former Hercules & Love Affair collaborator has recently joined efforts with Lauren Flax from CREEP for an astonishing cover of one of Janet Jackson's Top 10 hits from the unbeatable "Control" era - "The Pleasure Principle". The single including dancefloor-ready remixes by Eli Escobar and Foxman herself is out now. In addition one of the house producers I worship the most, Nicholas remixed Kim Ann Foxman's "Hypnotic Dance", a b-side on her 2012 "Return It" single. This new phenomenal mix, bringing us right back to those hedonistic neon clubs circa 1988, is part of Needwant's forthcoming compilation celebrating 5 years of the label. Nicholas has just effortlessly delivered one of the greatest remixes of 2014.

Here's Miss Janet's equally smashing original:

On top of it all Kim Ann Foxman has also just submitted a delicious remix of "Journey Into the Deep" by Shaun J Wright & Alinka: