Wednesday, July 9, 2014


What a week it's been! While Róisín Murphy and Robyn with Röyksopp released their saucy remix bundles for their latest EP's, "Mi Senti" and "Do It Again" respectively, Jessie Ware premiered her refined new video "Tough Love". With Moko releasing this year's #1 summer anthem "Your Love" , Yelle making a desirable come-back with "Bouquet Final" and just days before Sébastien Tellier and Jungle drop their most anticipated new albums, the excitement is high up in the musical air. On top of all that the Icelandic heroes Gus Gus, my all time favourite band, just delivered the video for "Obnoxiously Sexual" the 2nd single coming from "Mexico". That trumpet & string orgy at the end... Delicious! The newly released EP includes techno and house remixes of the track by Gluteus Maximus, T-World and Patrice Bäumel among others.

I just can't keep up with it all. What a year my friends, WHAT A YEAR!