Thursday, March 22, 2012


This is such a great week for all Madonna devotees like me. First we receive the official video for "Girl Gone Wild" which in my opinion stands out as La Ciccone's visually most stunning work in the past 15 years, and then we get to hear MDNA which premieres here in Ireland, at midnight tonight! Well I know exactly what I'll be doing tonight then. Roll on a Madonna themed soirée. I seriously cannot grasp the utter-brilliance of this fantastic new video (the best one since "Nothing Really Matters" imho). I adore the choreography (how cool are KAZAKY!!!), the homoerotic shots are exquisite, the grittiness of the cinematography, the reminiscences of some her previously banned videos (Justify My Love, Erotica) plus herself as tweeted by someone appropriately "as high on her Queen of Pop throne, other b****es can't even see it". I'm having a ball being a boy gone wild this week big time!