Sunday, September 16, 2018

LA MURPHY SAGA CONTINUES: "JACUZZI ROLLERCOASTER" / "CAN'T HANG ON" [with Maurice Fulton & Ali Love] - Róisín Murphy

So here it is, the 3rd chapter in the ever so captivating collaborative saga between Róisín Murphy and Maurice Fulton. The "Jacuzzi Rollercoaster" / "Can't Hang On" single is featuring London based singer Ali Love whom you may know, aside from his solo projects, from his previous joint efforts with Freeform Five, Luca C & Brigante & Hot Natured, all of whom would have also joined artistic forces in the past with La Murphy herself. "Jacuzzi Rollercoaster" is a full-flavoured slice of mid-tempo electronic-funk-meets-synth-pop, embellished with some rather delectable 1980's R&B reminiscences. The track certainly fits into the Irish artist's very own description of her current sound "My kind of dancing: all low and funky, allowing itself to be a little out of control". The throbbing "Can't Hang On" on the other hand is an invincible dancefloor-ready stomper with layers of Murphy's vocals.

The single was preceded by the equally vibrant double offerings of "All My Dreams" / "Innocence" and "Plaything" / "Like".

"Jacuzzi Rollercoaster" and "Can't Hang On" are both available now on all digital outlets and you can pre-order your own copy of the limited edition 12" via The Vinyl Factory ahead of its 22nd September release.

The very talented Portuguese New Yorker Bráulio Amado designed all the exclusive artwork for the whole series of these four exhilarating 12" singles produced by Maurice Fulton. Roll on October release of "The Rumble" / "World's Crazy" combo.