Saturday, June 23, 2018

LA MURPHY SAGA CONTINUES: "PLAYTHING" / "LIKE" [with Maurice Fulton] - Róisín Murphy

Following the superlative "All My Dreams" + "Innocence" double-offering, Róisín Murphy reveals the 2nd instalment in her latest artistic project in collaboration with Maurice Fulton. This time the pair is serving the instantly anthemic "Plaything" - your brand new club essential and the multi-layered, steamy electro-meets-disco-noir moment "Like". Both tracks immediately land among the Irish artist's most accomplished tracks to date. Alongside "Momma's Place", "You Know Me Better" and "Simulation", 'Plaything" stands out as one of Murphy's most vigorous house gems in her entire catalogue! The intricately produced and almost Kraftwerk-ian in places "Like" on the other hand, joins the likes (!) of "Foolish", "Discomfort of Strangers", "Unlovable" or "Ripples" in the extensive list of her most impressive b-sides. Such a treat for die-hard fans and completist collectors of her art as myself. I life you Róisín Murphy!

"Plaything" + "Like" are available digitally already and you can pre-order your own copy of the limited edition 12" via The Vinyl Factory ahead of its 6th July release.

The very talented Bráulio Amado designed all the exclusive artwork for the whole series of these four scintillating 12" singles produced by Maurice Fulton and released across four consecutive months this summer.