Saturday, August 22, 2015

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "THE ODYSSEY PT. 1" /// "BEAUTIFUL WORLD" - Chungking + Top 10 Greatest Chungking Songs

Brighton dream pop connoisseurs, the exquisite Chungking have been producing vivid soundscapes floating between synth pop, cosmic disco, modern folk, psychedelic soul and trip hop for  almost13 years already. Their latest record "Defender", quietly announced last winter with "Sapphire", grew to become one of the strongest contenders for 2015 album of the year. Both "The Odyssey pt. 1" and "Beautiful World" come as fitting examples to Chungking's legacy in excellent pop songwriting, affluent instrumentation and colourful array of styles, moods and genres, their signature gift.

Inspired by "Defender" I went on a sentimental journey through Chungking's entire back catalogue to create this very subjective list of their greatest songs to date:

10 "ANGEL EYES" (2003)

9 "SAPPHIRE" (2014)

8 "STAY UP FOREVER" (2007)

7 "COME WITH ME" (2003)

6 "CAN I GET YOUR LOVE" (2015)

5 "STAND BY ME" (2015)

4 "BUBBLE LOVE" (2002)

3 "MAKING MUSIC" (2003)

2 "SLOW IT DOWN" (2007)

1 "VOODOO" (2005)