Monday, October 28, 2013

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "DANCEFLOOR" - Ricardo Baez + Hard Ton Remix /// "STRAIGHT BILLIN'" - Greymatter & KRL

Hey House Music lovers! Two excellent EP's appeared on the underground club scene's horizon in the last few weeks. Two EP's that deserve a lot of attention from the genre's connoisseur like you and me.

Florence based Ricardo Baez treated us to an oldskool flavoured dancefloor feast with his 2nd single "Sweat EP" which has just dropped via Toy Tonics - a new house and futuristic electronic dance music German label. "Dancefloor" is an instant winner of the whole bunch also available here in a fantastic remix by the mighty and irreplaceable, our most favourite Hard Ton!

"Straight Billin'" comes from Brighton residing Greymatter and his freshly released "Wolf EP 20", a collaborative effort with KRL for Wolf Music Records. Watch out also for a remix of the track by Medlar. I have added both of the releases to the weekend partying essentials.

2013 - the year of House Music resurrection continues big time.

Greymatter & KRL - WOLF EP 20 by GREYMATTER