Saturday, October 19, 2013

CHOON OF THE DAY: "SWEETEST THING" - Lulu James + Laconic Remix

So I guess if Jessie Ware was my new favourite diva last year, Lulu James would be the one in 2013. "The Sweetest Thing" may actually be her catchiest song to date, and just like it was the case with Ware's "Wildest Moment" it has a #1 hit written all over it. A #1 hit in an ideal world that is, where mainstream media and audience would actually appreciate quality POP music like this which disappointingly hasn't been the case for years at this stage. The track is a flawless composition with an irresistibly memorable chorus, all sleekly produced and now also elegantly portrayed in this sublime video. Laconi's mix is one of the 3 included in the EP which drops 1st November.

Sweetest Thing (Laconic Remix) - Lulu James by Lulu James