Tuesday, June 18, 2013

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "FACE LOVE ANEW" - Stereogamous feat. Shaun J. Wright + The Miracles Club /// "LUVVBAZAAR (Shaun J. Wright and Alinka Twirl Remix) - SSION

"Face Love Anew" from the collaborative effort between the velvet voiced Shaun J. Wright and Sydney based queer dj's Stereogamous was one of my top tunes in 2012 and ended up in top 20 of my annual ranking of the best tracks of the year. This is the debut collaboration of the biggest names in the counterculture queer music scene. Inspired by the amazing live vocals from the birth of disco (reminiscent of Sylvester and Patrick Cowley dance tracks) combined with Chicago House, "Face Love Anew" is an ode to the musical past and with an arrow pointed into the future. I am re-visiting this phenomenal piece of house music since we've now also been graced with an official video for it. It's a great opportunity to also re-play the best of the whole bunch of remixes of the tune, made by the one and only The Miracles Club. Stereogamous with Shaun J. Wright are opening for SSION in Berlin 20th June at Festsaal Kreuzberg, now that's what you call a dream concert team. Wish I could be there too. It also makes perfect sense to share Shaun J. Wright and Alinka's (of Twirl Chicago) flamboyant remix of SSION's "Luvvbazaar" while we're at it. Fabulousness overdose!!!

Stereogamous feat. Shaun J Wright - Face Love Anew (The Miracles Club Remix) by The Miracles Club

SSION - Luvvbazaar (Shaun J. Wright and Alinka Twirl Remix) by TwirlChicago