Tuesday, April 9, 2013

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: ''I AM (Bimbamatic Remix)" [featuring Los De Abajo] /// "SUNSHINE (Remix)" - Nicolette

One of my biggest musical idols Nicolette has finally released the video for her brand new single "I AM" she was teasing us with the photos from for months at this stage on her Facebook page. The creativily multi-gifted Scotland-born Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer gives one of her most energetic and spectacular vocal performances in this latin flavoured uplifting dancefloor oddity. I am all excited about this release! The lyrics brought back some other "sunny" memories from her vast catalogue of exquisite POP sounds which is why I thought it'd be a good opportunity to re-play her 2004 single "Sunshine" in its charmingly cacophonic glory, seriously one of the most sonically magical and uncompromising pieces by Nicolette to date.

Sunshine rmx by NICOLETTE