Monday, June 27, 2016


My favourite musical duo in the world right now - Melbourne 80's disco and electronic funk reinterpreters GL seem to be absolutely unstoppable. Ella Thompson and Graeme Pogson are almost ready to release their long anticipated debut album "Touch" and if I were to judge it by the quality of its first 3 singles we may have a rather strong contender for 2016 Album of the Year arriving on 15th July. Following the infectious and aptly titled "Number One" and the euphoric "Grip", the Australian pair serves yet another delectable step-back-in-time synth-pop moment "Hallucinate". They really do produce some of the sweetest beats and melodies at the moment. First-rate musicians!

[Photos by Savvy Creative]

Alongside "Hallucinate" we also receive some brand new remixes of "Grip" which is now also available in this 1990's house themed saucy bass laden remix by The Possé.