Wednesday, June 15, 2016


So the only time previously I got to blog about ONUKA was winter 2014 when I discovered their charming slice of pop "Look". And I was already late then. A similar case with today's post. My muso friend Alex introduced me to their deliciously bizarre electro pop moment "Vidlik" a couple of months ago but somehow I am only getting around to writing about it today. Better late than ever I suppose and the more people get to explore this truly memorable track, the better. Fittingly intense in both visuals and musical production, the song apparently is dedicated to the Chernobyl disaster, its influence on Ukraine and the whole world, as I read on beehype. A sophisticated aural hotchpotch of traditional, ethnic instruments, electronica and haunting spoken word elements create a unique atmosphere, impossible to forget. If you haven't seen or heard this one yet, it will most likely stay with you for a long time. One of the 2016 videos of the year too, big time! Directed by Anna Buryachkova.