Wednesday, December 4, 2013

SHREM'S LIST OBSESSION: Top 10 Most Discolicious Anthems by Escort

Inspired by Escort's upcoming Irish live debut this Sunday in The Twisted Pepper organised by the ever-reliable Bodytonic crew, I decided to dedicate one my lists entirely to this magical 17-piece disco ensemble from Brooklyn. Escort has been electrifying me with their genre-reviving modern disco anthems since the release of their debut single "Starlight" back in 2006, now fronted by the charismatic Adeline Michèle, the multi vibrant troupe is bringing their energetic show to Ireland for the very first time, following other European dates this week in London and Rennes. Here they are, "Brooklyn's finest disco orchestra" in 10 of their finest musical moments, as chosen subjectively by yours truly...

10 "Dancer" [Gino Soccio cover]

09 "A Sailboat In the Moonlight"

A Sailboat in the Moonlight by Escort Records

08 "Barbarians"

07 "Cocaine Blues"

06 "A Bright New Life"

A Bright New Life by Escort Records

05 "Starlight"

Starlight by Escort Records

04 "Caméleon Chameleon (Club Remix)"

Escort - Caméleon Chameleon (Club Remix) by Escort Records

03 "Cabaret"

Cabaret by Escort Records

02 "All Through The Night"

01 "Love In Indigo"

Love in Indigo by Escort Records

+ a very special bonus track, Escort's finest remix to date in my humble opinion for the one and only Tracey Thorn...

Tracey Thorn - It's All True (Escort Remix) by Escort Records

For more details on the gig and tickets please head to the official Facebook event page HERE.