Friday, December 20, 2013


Eglo Records' long term prime diva and the owner of one of the most distinctive and soulful vocals in the whole planet of music, Fatima has shared her latest EP at the beginning of the month. The title track "Family" stands out among her strongest recordings to date with vibraphone and clap-along driven Latin flavoured rhythms and beautifully crafted vocal harmonies. The exclusive digital bonus track, Flako produced "Black Dough" echoes some of Fatima's previous joint efforts with FunkinEven and Floating Points with its amalgamation of broken beats, sleek nu jazz production and electronic funk. I am in awe with this lady for a couple of years at this stage and thrilled with this release once again. Find more of Fatima's delectable sounds on her fresh Soundcloud page.

Fatima - Black Dough Prod. Flako by F A T I M A